Watership Down - Season 1

YTV (ended 2001)




Episode Guide

  • Kidnapped
    Episode 13
    Bigwig and Hazel worry about the thought of Watership Down being wiped out, and that they have no idea of Woundwort's plans. Deciding that they will try to get Campion on their side, they find him out on patrol, and ask Campion. Things seem to be going well, until Pipkin is taken away by the river after attempting to swim.moreless
  • Friend and Enemy
    Friend and Enemy
    Episode 12
    Certain that the Efrafans are getting closer to the warren, Hazel and his friends decide to leave false trails leading them away from the warren. But trouble lies for Captain Campion, as he has an encounter with a Hawk. Hazel being as caring as he is, helps Campion but puts his own life in danger, when they both meet an enemy the two of them have never encounted before.moreless
  • Lost
    Episode 11
    Wandering the burrow, Hawkbit discovers a strange chamber, and believes he saw The Black Rabbit of Inlé. Concerned, Hawkbit goes to check it out again with Hazel and Fiver, but they encounter a cave-in. But Bigwig believes Hazel, Fiver and Hawkbit have been kidnapped by Efrafa.
  • A Tale of a Mouse
    A Tale of a Mouse
    Episode 10
    Hazel having new babies, decides to take a trip to the farm, with Bigwig, Fiver and Hawkbit, to find some nice food for the baby rabbits. Everything seems to be going well, until they encounter a dog and a cat, and Hannah gets herself into trouble too.
  • The Vision
    The Vision
    Episode 9
    Primrose feels a little homesick from Redstone, so Hazel agrees to take her back, despite Fiver telling them the place is empty. On the down, Fiver has another vision- that one of their past enemys will return. Meanwhile, Hazel and Primrose are shocked to find that Fiver was right about Redstone being empty. The only one left there is Captain Broom.moreless
  • Escape from Efrefa
    Escape from Efrefa
    Episode 8
    Meanwhile, Bigwig joins Efrafa, and plans to help Primrose escape. Hazel and the others are still stuck under the stone bridge, from the Efrafan guards on top of it. They hatch a plan with Kehaar, and they flee towards the grounds of Efrafa, and meet Bigwig, where he tells them his plan to free Primrose and Blackavar. After some time, they finally flee from Efrafa, and make their escape on a boat, leaving Woundwort raging.moreless
  • Challenge to Efrefa
    Hazel, Bigwig, Fiver, Hawkbit and Blackberry all set off to help rescue Primrose and Blackavar from Efrafa. However, they get trapped under a stone bridge. Bigwig and Hazel have yet another argument, and Bigwig storms off, forming a plan to rescue Blackavar and Primrose.
  • The Raid
    The Raid
    Episode 6
    Having alot on his mind, Hazel travels to Nuthanger farm with Pipkin and Fiver to get some new hutch-rabbits to come and join them, in fear that if they don't have enough rabbits living with them, they will be wiped out by Efrafa. Hazel heads for alot of trouble though, involving a man and a gun. They bring back a new rabbit, called Clover.moreless
  • The Shadow of Efrafa
    Hazel, Fiver and Bigwig decide to take a visit to Efrafa, after hearing reports that Efrafa want to kill all out-siders. Hazel encounters General Woundwort, and asks him a few questions, unaware Woundwort is set out to kill him. Hazel falls for a rabbit there, called Primrose. After Fiver has a vision about Woundwort's past, they escape and had just made a new enemy.moreless
  • Strawberry Fayre
    Strawberry Fayre
    Episode 4
    Free from Cowslip's warren, Strawberry begins to settle in at the down. Meanwhile, Bigwig hears of a vicious warren called Efrafa, and investigates further.
  • The Easy Life
    The Easy Life
    Episode 3
    In search of Pimpernel, the rabbits travel to a nearby warren believed to be a place of safety.
    This warren led by Cowslip, seems a little too good to be true... and it is!
  • Home on the Down
    Home on the Down
    Episode 2
    The rabbits begin to seale into their new home on the down, however problems become apparent. The burrows need digging, but there's only one doe, and bucks don't dig!! There's also a weasel arrives at the down, meanwhile a mysterious visitor is looking for Bigwig.
  • The Promised Land
    The Promised Land
    Episode 1
    Seven of the rabbits from Sandleford Warren sets out on the search for the 'High Lonely Hills' which Five, has seen in a vision as being a place of safety. Along the way they encounter many dangers, such as the river, and a dog.