Watership Down

Season 3 Episode 13

The Last Battle

Aired Unknown Dec 04, 2001 on YTV
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Episode Summary

The Last Battle
It's time to end the battle once and for all. Both sides collide and there can be only one winner. Bigwig goes one on one with Woundwort and Hannah plans to use 'the magic' to finally be rid of Woundwort forever, but Silverweed knows that a high price must be made to use it. So he plans to use it, instead of Hannah.moreless

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    • TRIVIA (1)

      • In this episode, Woundworth and Bigwig are facing each other in a single combat. This also occurred in the original book and the movie. However, in this case Woundwort is the rabbit who walks away victorious, while in the original plot the battle ended with Woundwort fleeing from Bigwig.

    • QUOTES (11)

      • Woundwort: I am your servant, Black Rabbit of Inle. I'm here to do your work.
        The Black Rabbit of Inle: My empire is not of this world, Woundwort. And no creature invokes my name for their own dark ends.

      • Woundwort: It's over, Hazel. My rule begins. I am the bringer of doom, in the name of the Black Rabbit of Inle.
        Hazel: You're a windbag, Woundwort, and you'll have to get past me first!

      • Bigwig: When I saw you tearing through the enemy, I says to myself "Good thing that Spartina joined the winning side. I wouldn't want to fight her!"
        Spartina: If winning leaves me this sore, I'd hate to lose!
        Bigwig: We won't. Hazel always comes up with something!

      • Woundwort: No quarter this time, traitor.
        Campion: None asked, General!

      • Dandelion: Looks like it's "do or die" time, eh, Hawbit old chum?
        Hawkbit: Well, if it's all the same to you, I'd prefer "do"!

      • Bigwig: I've been looking forward to this a long time, General.
        Woundwort: Then you're a bigger fool then you look!

      • Gilia: Pipkin, why does General Woundwort want to hurt us?
        Pipkin: I think it's because he was hurt, once upon a time, and it made him hate the whole world.
        Snowdrop: Father says there's no point in holding grudges. They just sour in your stomach!
        Pipkin: Hazel-rah's right, Snowdrop.
        Gilia: So we shouldn't hate General Woundwort, even if he hates us?
        Pipkin: No, hate doesn't solve anything. We should feel sorry for him.
        Blackberry: (chuckles) Sometimes I think the youngsters should be in charge.

      • Campion: Woundwort will be back before dawn, Hazel.
        Hazel: Then we'd better come up with a few ideas on what to do when he gets here.
        Spartina: You mean you really don't have a plan?
        Hawkbit: Nothing odd about that. We usually just muddle along!
        Dandelion: And sometimes, we... just muck about!

      • Captain Broom: (hearing cheers from the warren) Ah! Hear that, Captain Holly? That's the sound of victory!
        Captain Holly: Just a matter of thrashing Woundwart and his Darkhaven army, eh, Captain Broom?
        Captain Broom: Details, my boy, details.

      • Campion: What if we're destined to lose the last battle?
        Blackberry: When you saw the Black Rabbit of Inle, he promised we'd survive.
        Campion: Yes, but only if one of us gave ourselves up to him.
        Blackberry: I'd go with the Black Rabbit, if it meant peace and freedom for all of us.
        Campion: I won't let you. Finally, we're together, and I'll never lose you again, Blackberry. Never.

      • Hawkbit: Hello, Clover. What are you doing after the war, then?
        Clover: Whatever you're doing, handsome! (winks)

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