Watership Down

Season 3 Episode 10

The Spy

Aired Unknown Nov 13, 2001 on YTV
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The Spy
Spartina is sent by Woundwort to befriend Hazel and the others and act as a spy for him. Before she leaves, she informs Granite that if she does not return to Darkhaven by the next full moon, he is to kill Blackberry. Meanwhile, Bigwig has Silverweed play a trick on Dandelion and Hawkbit, making them believe that no-one on the Down can see or hear them.moreless

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    • Vervain: I know Campion's trying to betray Woundwort. Help me prove it, and we'll forget all about this little mistake.
      Blackberry: If there's a little mistake here, it's you, Vervain!

    • Dandelion: Silverweed's mindblock is spreading like snow!
      Hawkbit: But you can still see me, right, Dandelion? And as long as we can see each other, we'll still exist!
      Dandelion: Oh, we can't fall asleep. If we stop seeing each other, maybe we'll be gone when we wake up!
      Hawkbit: You realise that makes no sense.
      Dandelion: It doesn't make sense that no-one can see us neither!

    • Primrose: This is Spartina. She's new here.
      Gilia: Welcome to Watership Down, Spartina. You'll be happy as a bumblebee in a flower!

    • Blackberry: Did you warn Hazel about Spartina?
      Campion: I couldn't. She promised you'd die if I did.
      Blackberry: The safety of Watership Down is more important then my life!
      Campion: Not to me. The shadow of the Black Rabbit is lifting from my soul. I want to live again, with you, forever. (they rub noses)

    • Hazel: Spartina's hit you pretty hard, hasn't she, Bigwig?
      Bigwig: What?! Uh... no! I-I suppose if she'd actually landed on me,... (sighs) It's that obvious, is it?
      Hazel: Like a cow in a warren.

    • Blackberry: If Granite dies, it's your fault, Vervain!
      Vervain: Everything's my fault, anyway. Ask General Woundwort!

    • Silverweed: Oh, hello, Hawkbit! Dandelion! Smashing day, isn't it?
      Hawkbit: Oh, cheer up, why don't ya?
      Silverweed: I thought I had!

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