Watt On Earth

BBC (ended 1992)


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Watt On Earth

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"Black holes and Quasars" ...Watt On Earth was a short lived children's series as part of 'Children's BBC' and written by the 'Doctor Who' writers Jane & Pip Baker. The show starred 'Watt' (Garth Napier Jones) as an alien who came to earth to escape his evil uncle. Watt was heir to the throne on his planet and his uncle even sent his top henchman 'Jemjemah' to follow Watt to earth and terminate him. Watt landed in the English town on Haxton and be-friended 'Shaun Ruddock' (Tom Brodie) who managed to keep Watt's presence in the house a secret throughout the whole shows run. Shaun's parents ran the local newspaper the Haxton weekly and think their son is a bit of a oddball. Watt was over 300 years of age but in his human form looked early 20's. He also hadn't mastered his alien powers for starters he had back to front ears (Series 1) and upon his return to Haxton (Series 2) failed again this time the ears came out Green. He also had to ability to transanimateobjectify?? = turn himself into animate objects, but he could never get it right Eg, A clock that ran back-wards or square golf ball. That's what drove the comedy along his odd tastes in earth food. Eg Ketchup and corn flakes or Dog food and whipped cream on toast. The show ran for 2 series of 12 episodes and has always remained in my head. I had about 20 of the episodes on tape for donkeys years but wiped them several years back. Therefore Ive done a few web searches but a lot of this information is from memory so I deserve points for that don't I LOL...


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