Wave-Particle Duality



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Wave-Particle Duality

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Wave-Particle Duality is a science documentary taken from TV Ontario's Quantum Tamers video collection. Scientist Stephen Hawking hosts the series and explains to interested viewers the theory behind wave-particle duality and the particle nature of light. Hawking uses a classroom setting for his lecture, integrating 3D animations and science videos to put complicated subjects into layman's terms. The documentary starts with a video summary of quantum physics, which segues into the scientist answering concept questions and looking at a few simple equations. The next segment heads straight into wave-particle duality's relationship with electrons and light. Each episode provides viewers with visuals of the topic at hand, with Hawking narrating over each focal point. The scientist also invites his audience at home to take part in a few simple experiments, using some common items found in most households. By the end of the lecture, Hawking discusses how to measure disturbance, and he takes an in-depth look at how wave-particle duality applies to nature.