Way of the Master

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Way of the Master

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Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron host a show that explains how to witness the way Jesus did - by pricking the consciences of people. It features actual filmed encounters with passerby in Southern California.

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  • We will all find out the truth one day.

    The negative and insulting comments and responses to The way of the Masters programming and clips makes me sad, and it is a shocking indicator of how far mankind has fallen away from God.

    It's the ultimate gamble to deny the existence of God and attack his messengers, logic, science and human reasoning are finite, and will all end one day, so will earthly existence.

    How would you feel if horror of horrors you find that Christians were right about Jesus all along, but now it's too late, your dead.

    Isn't it wiser to trust God first, and then let him prove himself true or false.

    We will All find out one day.moreless
  • All of these guys are idiots.

    I watched an episode once. I would come to regret it. They were asking people if rock music was satanic. Every single one of them said no. Apparently, Kirk Cameron didn't listen and immeadiately showed clips Black Sabbath talking about the devil. Okay, they are all ignorant. Black Sabbath has done several benefit concerts. Since when has Kirk Cameron helped people with food and money, not by giving them bibles? I went to their website once. They were ignorant of other people's religions. They said that the bible was more important than food(so Kirk Cameron would rather give starving children bibles rather than food).moreless
  • I love Way Of The Master

    This show is so true, I am a strong Christian and have been for a long time, but you see, I never thought of witnessing. But thanks to this show I now think of witnessing often. Some may say that this show is nothing but a bunch of paranoid lies but this show is 100% truth!

    One reason I love this show is because Ray Confort, his last name suites him well because to me he is a comfort!

    Kirk Cameron, the previous heart throb has developed into a very mature man, I respect him very much and hope to meet him one day.

    To my fellow Christians reading this, seek and save the lost the way Jesus did, there is only a certain ammount of time left.moreless
  • Are you a liar?

    Kirk Cameron, formerly of 'Growing Pains,' and Australian-born evangelist Ray Comfort host this show in which they discuss their beliefs and review techniques to get people interested in what they have to say. Anything from handouts to the ever-popular quiz about how you think you stand in relation to the Ten Commandments (hint: you cannot possibly win, ever) will be tried, and they show you the results live on camera.

    Sadly, they demonstrate a woeful misunderstanding of science, especially evolution, and not only does the borderline derogatory series of questions neither vary nor allow for acceptance of the person's explanations, but they never get into any real in-depth discussions. It's always the same sales pitch.

    The subjects on which they touch could make for very interesting debates, but not from these two.moreless
  • The way of the master is a show that helps individuals to know God.Also,to help those who dont know Jesus.

    The way of the master is a great show.I havent seen i't in a while but I could never miss an episode before.I''m gonna watch it again.It helps me to become a better christian and see my faults and how I broken the ten commandments.Also, its showing yes we all have sinned and fallen short of following God but i'ts never to late to fix what you did as long as your'e alive.Nothing is to hard for God he set us free beautiful trinity.Ray and Kirk does such a great job talking to passerby's on the street.I recommend i't to anyone just give it a chance.Saturdays @ 3:30 on Tbn.Watch it @ home or online @www.tbn.com.