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A lost show hoping to be on DVD

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    [1]Jan 29, 2010
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    I was wondering if by any chance that the forgotten TV series Way Out would be available on DVD sometime in the near future, since it is a unique show that deserves a second look.
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    [2]May 19, 2011
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    I'm with you - I'd love to see this show released on DVD. I saw this series only once, when it originally aired fifty years ago. I was nine years old. Its last episode aired two days before my tenth birthday.

    Nevertheless, I remember it quite clearly. I thought it was the scariest show around. Two episodes that are particularly embedded in my mind are "Button, Button" and "Side Show." Both of them just scared the be-jesus out of me!

    "Button, Button" - the Cuban missile was over a year away - was, in my opinion, much scarier that the recap indicates. If memory serves me right, the reason for the mutiny to seize the Captain's launch key turned out to be wrong. What the men thought had happened had not happened.

    The were stationed deep underground to protect them in case of nuclear attack. When they couldn't communicate with the personnel at the surface they thought there had been a nuclear attack. The window for retaliation was small because of the devastation supposedly occurring above them. While the Captain counsels caution and reason, and tells them they must wait for confirmation before taking the rash action of launching retaliatory missiles, the mutineers claim that they don't have the luxury of waiting. They overtake the Captain and steal his launch key.

    After their successful mutiny and their subsequent launch of retaliatory missiles, the radio that had been silent shockingly comes alive. The surface personnel - that the mutineers claimed had perished in a nuclear attack - tell them that there had been a small electrical fire that knocked out the entire radio system, but now it was fixed and everything was okay.

    Suddenly the Captain wakes up from his nightmare. His relief that everything that happened had been a dream was overwhelming. But he begins to realize that everything that happened in his dream, down to the smallest detail, is happening all over again. Including one of his men's lame attempt at a joke, "Button, button, who's got the button?"

    "Side Show" was another episode I recall as being very scary. The main character's loneliness and subsequent attraction to the "electric woman" is sad yet touching. He falls in love with her and fantasizes what life would be like with her. She encourages him and plays on his feelings, eventually convincing him that he can free her from her electric prison if he were to come to see her at night when no one is there. At her urging he takes a tool - I recall it as being a wrench but the recap says it was a set of wire cutters (a small point that I may have wrong) - and uses it to adjust the machine as instructed. As soon as he touches the machine there is a blinding flash of light.

    Cut to the next day, with people passing through the tents looking at the "freaks" and the different displays. At the electric woman's tent the camera moves in and the viewer realizes the electric woman is now an electric man, and the woman operating the guillotine is the former electric woman, having now been freed from her electric prison by her unsuspecting admirer.

    All of the episodes in this series were pretty scary stuff for a nine-year-old watching alone in a basement rec-room at night. I can't help but wonder how well the shows would hold up after all these years. I'd love to find out.
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    I beleive that one episode is missing. "The Wendigo" .Based on a story written by Algernon Blackwood.

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    [4]Jan 2, 2012
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    i guess the only way is if some higher powers that be take charge of this; it seems unfortunately forgotten; i`ve been longing to see this again for 50 years; who stashes this awayfor no one to see and why? how could this ever be seen? anyone with the slightest hint of an answer please respond

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