Way Out (1961)

CBS (ended 1961)


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  • This really odd little anthology series really deserved it's nickname "Twilight Zone's twisted sister". It presented truly bizzare tales with witty dialog. The host's unique humor was the icing on the cake. Each episode ended with the host (Roald Dahl) bi

    Way Out may have seemed quaint with it's low tech video tape look and shoestring budget. But a close look at these few (there were only 14) stories revealed amazing imagination. It often showcased excellant actors who became well known later on. Unfortunately, these episodes were only shown once between March and July 1961. To my knowledge they have never been syndicated or released (officially) on tape or DVD. The stories, like an actor who gets trapped in "Quasimoto" make up, a woman who keeps wakeing up from nightmares only to find she's still dreaming, a man who falls for a woman that has wires and a light for a head, a lady who has an acting job where night crew actor's really murder their victems, a funeral home that helps "dispose" of bodys, should appeal to fans of The Twilight Zone.
    On the down side, the low budget often revealed mistakes (like an obvious rubber snake in one episode) But for those who like odd tales, this is worth seeking out. The 14 half hour episodes would make a great DVD set.

  • A ghastly treasure worth a second look

    Way Out is a bizarre series that focuses on tales of the supernatural, unlike The Twilight Zone (its closest competitor) that leans mostly towards fantasy or Sci-Fi.

    Hosted by sardonic author Roald Dahl, this forgotten series that was on CBS might have been a classic & had a longer run had people not considered this show to be an also-ran of Twilight Zone. There was also claims that most of the stories on Way Out were of a misogynistic nature depicting women as either harridans or helpess victims.

    Although the show didn't even last a solitary season, it somehow managed to be an indirect inspiration for other shows of its kind such as Tales From The Darkside, Monsters, and even Tales From The Crypt. I hope that somebody would preserve this "Brilliant But Cancelled" series on DVD for all the world (myself included) to enjoy.