Way Out (1961)

CBS (ended 1961)


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  • A ghastly treasure worth a second look

    Way Out is a bizarre series that focuses on tales of the supernatural, unlike The Twilight Zone (its closest competitor) that leans mostly towards fantasy or Sci-Fi.

    Hosted by sardonic author Roald Dahl, this forgotten series that was on CBS might have been a classic & had a longer run had people not considered this show to be an also-ran of Twilight Zone. There was also claims that most of the stories on Way Out were of a misogynistic nature depicting women as either harridans or helpess victims.

    Although the show didn't even last a solitary season, it somehow managed to be an indirect inspiration for other shows of its kind such as Tales From The Darkside, Monsters, and even Tales From The Crypt. I hope that somebody would preserve this "Brilliant But Cancelled" series on DVD for all the world (myself included) to enjoy.