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Based on the "Sideways Stories From Wayside School" book series by Louis Sachar. This show tells the story of Todd, an adolescent kid who has been recently transferred to a peculiar middle school that is 30 stories high, with one classroom per level, serves food in the cafeteria that has achieved self-awareness and strange powers, and where cows roam the halls.

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AIRED ON 1/12/2013

Season 3 : Episode 15

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  • Louis Sachar's original brillant humor falls by the wayside in this subpar show

    Let me preface this by making it abundantly clear that I'm not preaching the book over the show because of some nonsense like thinking that books are inherently better, because I don't. I love cartoons, I'm an animation buff and an artist & aspiring storyboarder, I follow the blogs of storyboarders as opposed to movie stars and geek out over cartoons so intensely that half of my tattoos reflect that. I love 2D animation so much, but that's not what drew me to this show. A long long time ago, I stole a book from my classroom called 'Sideways Stories from Wayside School' and tore through those stories so quickly because they were like nothing I'd ever read before. The disturbing, magical, and nonsensical properties of Wayside were horrific and enchanting and there was such a strong plot-centric use of puns and unbelievably clever wordplay that permanently influenced my own creative style and sense of humor, and made me fall in love with Sachar's work (which led me to Holes, one of the greatest books ever) and his way of really playing with his characters and words in such a hilarious and clever way. I encourage everyone of every age and every gender to read the book/s. They are an impressive example of scary good wordplay.

    Which is why I expected so much more out of the show. It borders on unwatchable, the stories are executed so poorly it's unbelievable, though the animation style has it's charm and isn't cookie-cutter, but it's not the Wayside of the books, it's not as thorough and clever and the nonsense of the show feels forced in a way that the books never did. None of the characters shine or have those incredibly detailed and alive qualities that they do in Sachar's writing of them, they're just mouthpieces for little phrases that move the plot along. I also don't remember Sachar ever defaulting to cheap racist stereotypes in the Wayside book series but for some reason the animated version felt like taking that route. It feels dull, it feels like any other show. They also couldn't be bothered to spend money on music licenses, so you can hear a really awful rip off of the intro riff to 'Eye of the Tiger' used ad nauseum through the series, along with other similar, painful-to-the-ear rip offs of classics. Not to mention how Louis, the character based on Louis Sachar, the author of Wayside, is literally turned into a stoner stereotype character similar in tone and phrases to Otto from the Simpsons. They really went with that representation for the author character. That's not how an adaptation of the Wayside world should feel. I don't see the individual characters as distinctly as I did in my mind's eye, and I've never felt the need to say that before. Overall, it's dull. It doesn't have the wordplay and magic that makes the book so great. Then again, I don't think that any of Sachar's work can be translated perfectly (I think Holes is a great movie but not quite as clear and brilliant and easily understood as the book, the movie misses a lot of key elements). You're better off with other animated shows that actually land their jokes and have a deep plot and beautiful animation too, like Star vs The Forces of Evil, Gravity Falls, Steven Universe (literally best show of this generation hands down), PBS's Arthur, or just straight-up old cartoons.moreless
  • whoaaaaaaaa

    It got renewed in canada WHAAAAAAAATT. COME BACK TO NIIIIICK
  • One of the best Canadian cartoons!

    The art is beautiful, the main characters and background characters are so likeable and I wanna go to Wayside cuz it's so awesome!
  • Say what

    It's in canada wow lol score 10,999
  • I've seen many episodes on Teletoon and so.....

    XD XD XD

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