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  • Season 3
    • Shari's Rival/El Enmascarada Tonto de Ratero

      Shari's Rival:Shari is in competition with Tadd's (Todd's doppleganger from the Mamaland) girlfriend, Sherry on a mountain climbing contest.

      El Enmascarada Tonto de Ratero (The Masked Robber Fool):Kidswatter is challenged by the owner and trainer of the "crazed-mouth" bull, La Boca-loca (voiced by John Cena) into a luchador match. Kidswatter does not know how to fight but The Three Erics do with a little trick called puroresu.

    • It's All Myron's Fault/Detective Dana and the Case of the Missing Cows

      It's All Myron's Fault:Myron is trying to help out the class but ends up destroying it causing everyone to blame him. Myron is so upset that he asks for the help of his older brother, Lenny who gives him advice.

      Detective Dana and the Case of the Missing Cows:Dana, Shari and Bebe as detectives try to find out who stole all of the cows. It is revealed that Le Chef is the culprit, using the Strumplefroozil to lure the cows to his establishment.

    • The Wayside Hanky Panky Valentine Special

      Valentine's Day for Wayside School is happening in which there's an annual Wayside Ball. Many people such as Shari+Stephen, Jenny+Myron and Bebe+John are in love but Maurecia gets her heart crushed when Todd says he does not love her in which she meets a handsome samurai in the school as she tries to make Todd jealous. Meanwhile, Kidswatter is trying to stop Le Chef and Ivil Kessau from sabotaging the ball.

    • Monkey See, Monkey Dye/A Hair Scare

      Monkey See, Monkey Dye - Todd dyes himself blonde so he wont be called a monkey but he's confused as a new student. Mr. Kidswatter also plans to drink chocolate milk from the only brown cow in the school.

      A Hair Scare - Joe gets a pompadour haircut and both Shari and Jenny love him for his new appearance.

    • Detention Dimension/KIDSWAT TEAM

      Detention Dimension - Todd is reported to a jail world for destroying the Discipline List.

      KIDSWAT TEAM - Kidswatter uses an internet swat team to get rid of the annoying students.

    • One Scoop of Christmas, Hanukkah, Solstice and Kwanzaa/New Year Land

      One Scoop of Christmas, Hanukkah, Solstice and Kwanzaa - Mumbai is being invaded by Mamalandians in the holidays for a special soup and only Benjamin Nushmutt can find it.

      New Year Land - Todd is chosen as the "Guarder New Year of Wayside" who guards the school from many Mamalandian-Irish creatures such as the Oioioiperchauns which wanted golden diamonds.

    • Todd, Todd, Todd, Todd, TODD!!!/Hundred Little Pigs

      Todd, Todd, Todd, Todd, TODD!!! -Todd announces that he hates school and skips school. But, a doppleganger from the East Mamaland named Tadd is replacing him to kill the school, he must stop him.

      Hundred Little Pigs - A swine flu epidemic turns Wayside's residences into pigs. Only Shari and Miss Mush know the cure but Myron stole the ingredients.

    • Jewels Thief/It's the Greatest Pumpkin, Stephen

      Jewels Thief - Mrs. Jewels quits teaching after the harsh words of Todd but a thief captures her thinking she's a rare jewel keeper.

      It's the Greatest Pumpkin, Stephen- Spoof of the "Charlie Brown" cartoon specials, Stephen tries to find Mr. Pumpkin's father, The Greatest Pumpkin.

    • Mamaland Attack/Sir Louislot

      Mamaland Attack - A swiss cheese war is starting in the Mamaland and Miss Mush (with Demitri of the Oioioi Dumbells) have to sacrifice their homes to protect their country.

      Sir Louislot - Louis is challenged to fight his arch enemy who was the descent of the enemy of Louis' great-grandfather who defended Wayside many years ago before the 30-story incident.

    • Shari's Jacket/Mr. Gorf

      Shari's Jacket - Shari, who is now awake, loses her jacket and finds out that Mr. Kidswatter takes it as his luckyhandkerchieffor a principal convention. Can she control her temper on Todd and Maurecia?

      Mr. Gorf - The son of Mrs. Gorf comes to the school as Louis' replacement and takes revenge by stealing the youth of the students with his third nostril. Can Maurecia defeat him like she did to his mother?

    • Arabian Fights/It's Alive

      Arabian Fights - A foreign exchange student named Benjamin Nushmutt changes his name to Mark Miller to fit in. But he is being framed for stealing Mrs. Jewel's chalk.

      It's Alive - Sammy the dead rat turns alive because of Louis. But now, Ivil Kessau wants the rat as her school's motivational speaker.

    • A Hard Night's Day/Goldenblood

      A Hard Night's Day:Wayside becomes a night school and many sugarcanes are implanted in the school. Wheels Extreme is on the job (Maurecia on skates, Shari on skateboard and Jenny on bike) where they meet a midnight extreme biker.

      Goldenblood:At a Chinese restaurant, Mrs. Jewels eats a mystical wonton that turns her into Mrs. Diamond, an evil witch. Only the three goldenblooded people can stop her which is Louis, Todd and Dana/

    • Kick on the Barby/Daydream Disbeliever

      Kick on the Barby- The Australian kickballer Terrence broke his leg because of Myron's big mouth so now he has to replace him.

      Daydream Disbeliever - Dameon Jones, British musician, lost his guitar during a concert at Wayside and now Todd and Dana must find it.

    • Pirates of the Wayside/Mac and Toss

      Pirates of the Wayside - After recess got canceled, the students in Wayside play pirate while Mr. Kidswatter is trying to find the treasure before a real gang of pirates do.

      Mac and Toss -A boy who loves Maurecia before the episode "Mrs. Gorf" makes her eat the Mushroom Surprise to turn her into a girly girl and Todd plans to make her throw up.

    • Ling Meets Todd/Que Pasa de Paul?

      Ling Meets Todd- Todd's old classmate from his old school comes to Wayside for revenge for his injured leg.

      Que Pasa de Paul?- A Hispanic student falls in love with Jenny and goes overboard with winning her heart, even by attacking the students.

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