Season 1 Episode 10

Rat in Shining Armor/Mrs. Gorf

Aired Weekdays 3:00 PM Jul 12, 2007 on TELETOON
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Rat in Shining Armor: It's the spring Halloween dance and everyone must dress up as something. Maurecia wants Todd to dance with her until Todd finally says no. Feeling bad for Maurecia, Miss Mush puts her dead rat in an old knight suit so Maurecia had someone to dance with. Todd finds out that it's Miss Mush's dead rat in the suit so now he must find a way to break the news to Maurecia before she finds out.

Mrs. Gorf: The 30th floor class is on a camping trip on the 18th floor. Maurecia promises Todd she won't punch him in the arm if he sits with her. Todd doesn't believe her and says she will always try to punch him. Dana explains to Todd that she was never rough do to her kind nature back when Mrs. Gorf was their teacher. From there Dana explains who Mrs. Gorf was and how different their class was before Todd came.moreless
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  • Maurecia finds a new love and Todd gets jealous because she isn't there to punch him anymore.

    OMG! I loved this episode!!!!! ^_^ Probably because of the ToddMaurecianess. And I drank a large Mountain Dew yesterday, and I'm kinda hyper. *_* Anyway, Wayside is hosting a Spring Dance Costume Party because they celebrate the coming of srping on Halloween. Maurecia (dressed as a princess) wants to dance with Todd (dressed as a car dash board), but Todd doesn't want to, because he's afraid she'll punch him. Again. Miss Mush is looking for a costume for Sammy the Dead Rat to wear, and finds a suit of gold armor. Maurecia gets annoyed with Todd, and dances with the suit of armor, not knowing Sammy is inside. Naturally, Todd gets jealous and tells Sammy (he doesn't know Sammy is inside either) to back off because Maurecia is his girlfriend. The Todd looks to see whose inside and sees Sammy. Not wanting to break Maurecia's heart, he gets inside the suit instead. Kidswatter announces the best costume, and the weird roller skating princess girl (Maurecia) and the guy in the armor (Todd) are the winners, and they dance. I lost interest during the 2nd half, but I do remember that some vampire lady named Mrs. Gorf turned everyone into apples, and Myron into a potato and Maurecia saved them all.moreless

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