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  • Louis Sachar's original brillant humor falls by the wayside in this subpar show

    Let me preface this by making it abundantly clear that I'm not preaching the book over the show because of some nonsense like thinking that books are inherently better, because I don't. I love cartoons, I'm an animation buff and an artist & aspiring storyboarder, I follow the blogs of storyboarders as opposed to movie stars and geek out over cartoons so intensely that half of my tattoos reflect that. I love 2D animation so much, but that's not what drew me to this show. A long long time ago, I stole a book from my classroom called 'Sideways Stories from Wayside School' and tore through those stories so quickly because they were like nothing I'd ever read before. The disturbing, magical, and nonsensical properties of Wayside were horrific and enchanting and there was such a strong plot-centric use of puns and unbelievably clever wordplay that permanently influenced my own creative style and sense of humor, and made me fall in love with Sachar's work (which led me to Holes, one of the greatest books ever) and his way of really playing with his characters and words in such a hilarious and clever way. I encourage everyone of every age and every gender to read the book/s. They are an impressive example of scary good wordplay.

    Which is why I expected so much more out of the show. It borders on unwatchable, the stories are executed so poorly it's unbelievable, though the animation style has it's charm and isn't cookie-cutter, but it's not the Wayside of the books, it's not as thorough and clever and the nonsense of the show feels forced in a way that the books never did. None of the characters shine or have those incredibly detailed and alive qualities that they do in Sachar's writing of them, they're just mouthpieces for little phrases that move the plot along. I also don't remember Sachar ever defaulting to cheap racist stereotypes in the Wayside book series but for some reason the animated version felt like taking that route. It feels dull, it feels like any other show. They also couldn't be bothered to spend money on music licenses, so you can hear a really awful rip off of the intro riff to 'Eye of the Tiger' used ad nauseum through the series, along with other similar, painful-to-the-ear rip offs of classics. Not to mention how Louis, the character based on Louis Sachar, the author of Wayside, is literally turned into a stoner stereotype character similar in tone and phrases to Otto from the Simpsons. They really went with that representation for the author character. That's not how an adaptation of the Wayside world should feel. I don't see the individual characters as distinctly as I did in my mind's eye, and I've never felt the need to say that before. Overall, it's dull. It doesn't have the wordplay and magic that makes the book so great. Then again, I don't think that any of Sachar's work can be translated perfectly (I think Holes is a great movie but not quite as clear and brilliant and easily understood as the book, the movie misses a lot of key elements). You're better off with other animated shows that actually land their jokes and have a deep plot and beautiful animation too, like Star vs The Forces of Evil, Gravity Falls, Steven Universe (literally best show of this generation hands down), PBS's Arthur, or just straight-up old cartoons.
  • One of the best Canadian cartoons!

    The art is beautiful, the main characters and background characters are so likeable and I wanna go to Wayside cuz it's so awesome!
  • Say what

    It's in canada wow lol score 10,999
  • I've seen many episodes on Teletoon and so.....

    XD XD XD
  • The most popular show based on a book: Wayside(TV show, not products)

    The show called wayside is based on a books from Louis Sachar. First, there was a pilot of the show(The one hour episode; the movie) that was great(even though some people didn't think it was good); 7.5/10.
    But the series was even better than the movie. Here's why:

    Art 8.5/10 - The art was pretty much hand-drawn and probably wasn't all that flawless, but it looked very great when was produced on a computer. In other words, it looks amazing.

    Characters 9.0/10 - The characters are amazing, despite the diaglogue being a bit flawed(dialogue: 7.5/10).
    Todd: the cool geek
    Maurecia: Emotional Tomboy
    Dana: happy and laughable nerd
    Myron: loveable goof
    Mrs. Jewls: Sweet, lovable, and weird teacher(that I love ;) )
    Louis: Coolheaded janior
    And....so on

    Animation 7.5/10 - very great, but at some scenes, it just need some work so the people watching show would need. Otherwise on that, it's pretty good. In fact, I wonder if the show was to be remaked into an anime styled animation of the show.

    Plot 10/10 - Pretty much the show has episodes ending with lessons that are real useful.

    Voice acting 9.5/10 - Not all flawless, but very good.

    Music 8.0/10 - The intro music is amazing, but during the show on some episodes, the music are sometimes weird and quirky. Aside from the music during the show, it's not that bad.

    Presentation 8/10 - Fun, exciting, funny, sometimes dramatic. They did a good job on its presentation!

    Bottom line - This show is great, despite small flaws of the show(from unfinished drawing parts to some musics). The great art, the amazing charaters, and other things like that. Wayside the movie and the animated series is possibly the popular show based on books. um...when Wayside is airing season 3 on teletoon and releasing season 2 on DVD? I bet it would be AWSOME!! P.S I love you, Mrs. Jewls :)
  • An adorably cute and random show.

    I like this show a lot. It is really, truly quite cute and random. It's random enough not to be completely stupid, but to be silly and cute. It doesn't over do it. I think that it is a very well-done adaption of the book, and that any child will enjoy this show for the pure silliness and how easy it is to just turn on the TV and watch this and just laugh. I think that parents will enjoy this too, just because the completely cute situations are just so easily laughable. I recommend it for anyone who just needs a good dose of random silliness. :D
  • An instresting storyboard with great illustrations seen to the viewers.

    The show has pressed up great storyboarding for smooth running of the line, and the content which made the viewers and me burst into laughter of course. The illustrations are pretty well drawn, which are one of the main features I appreciate most. As for the voicing of the characters, they suit in very nicely, and fit's the character's description. One thing of the whole programme which made me shocked was it being replaced and changed to a different way. It's qutie amazing how you see the whole thing. And one more thing is that the crew they hired wouldn't have made the show possible. GO WAYSIDE!!!
  • Even though it's a rip-off of the books, it's surprisingly really good!

    Like I said, this is actually sort of a rip-off of the Louis Sachar books. That's the only reason it's a 9.5 instead of a 10. It takes many characters from the book series and smacks it into a 30-minute children's cartoon. I personally find my favorite characters to be Myron, Maurecia, and Principal Kidswatter. But that's just me. I'm not sure if the series is over or not because I haven't watched it since 2007, but I know that it's really good. So, congrats to whoever made this show. I'll bring it back to a ten if the cartoon was also made by Sachar.
  • One of Nick's better ideas for turning a book series into a TV show!

    I remember seeing this great cartoon sshow at around 3:00 P.M. on weekdays when I got home from school, but that was around a year ago, I don't see this show on Nick anymore, but glad to see that it looks like it is still running.
    This show is based on a book series: Wayside school which is 30 stories high and set more vertically than horizontally, and all sorts of intersting events can happen in this school world, that's for sure! SOme things can be so wacky and amazing! So this was a good cartoon show Nick acquired because it has some good plots and characters! The main character is a student who has a teacher whose name is Ms. Jewels. The creator of the books has a unique imagination, an looks like it was god enough for Nick to want to make this into a TV show! That part is wonderful and i thought it was a good idea, because i saw some episodes on this and they were enjoyable! Since I don't see this show on Nick anymore i will miss it, this show unfortunately was one of the ones that fell victim to SpongeBob's increasing time space and thus got removed. Well now I just wish I can see this show once more in the future!
  • When I first saw this I didn't like it that much but...

    After deciding to give it another chance I found myself actually catching it on TV a few times. It is an adaption off of a book and typically adaptions turn out to be bad, and although the only thing we do know is that the building and characters are adapted from the book and the episodes are created specifically for the show, it turns out to be a great show to watch, full of wackiness and oddities combined together. However though, I do not recommend for kids to watch this cartoon and use the show's plots in their own book reports.
  • Wayside is one of my new favorite shows!

    Thought I might be new to the show I really like it, it's a great show. I wish my school was like that BAHS would be a lot better if it was like Wayside! I like most of the characters Mrs. Jewls kinda reminds me of my homeroom teacher, crazy yet fair (sometimes) I also like Todd, I feel bad for him being new and everything being hard for him to understand. Dana reminds me of my friend Michelle when she doesn't get her morning coffee, while Maurecia reminds me of a few people. Wayside is a great new show, I hope it will do okay on the air, with all the great TV shows being taken off and all....
  • an ok show

    well, i have to say that this has to be one of the average shows nick has produced. i mean its not the best but its also not the worse. Many other shows beat the heck out of it for better shows. but it beats many other shows too.
    hmm, im not sure what to say about this show. I just have to say that sometimes their plots are really awkward. i dont really watch this show often cos i dont bother about it.
    its an ok show. honestly. it could have been better but it could have aslo been worse. Peace out
  • WACKY!!!!!!

    Man I loved the books and I'm not afraid to admit it. But the show is just insane, it's more insane than the book. When it came in the summer I didn't expect much and I still don't expect much. But if your an 8 year old kid, check it out.

    This show changed the characters and made them more unique and zany. Most people would find this show ludicrous and some find it dumb and a disgrace to the book. But I'll tell you this. I only watch this show when nothings on. But that's because I like other shows better than this. This show is very colorful and that kinda makes me sound gay but I'm not.

    Storylines: Some good, some bad-5
    Characters: CRAZY-10
    Animation: There arms are bend like they have no bones-8.5
    Theme song: Whoever's singing it has a great voice-9.5
  • Maybe not a good as SpongeBob, but Wayside is definitely a greatv show!

    I only started watching the show yesterday, and already it's become one of my favourite TV shows. It's funny and entertaining, what more could you want? :)

    I've only started watching it yesterday so I don't know many of the character's names apart from Toby.

    And I must say, it's the best new show I've seen this year. In fact, this is brilliant compared to a lot of the new cartoons these days.

    However, it may be just me but I've noticed some similarities to the cartoon "Recess." But that's not a problem for me! If you like the books, watch this show!
  • Eh, it's the only okay new show Nick has going.

    Nick, ever since 2005, has been making a bunch of retarded new shows like Tak and the power of Juju and Kappa Mikey.

    Apparently, though, this is the only alright new show Nick has going right now. It's nowhere near as good as the classics are, but it's a neat show to watch.

    Humour: 7.0
    The jokes in this show are downright silly. About as silly as the books.

    Art: 5.0
    This is where the show falls the most. The characters in this show are quite similar to The Fairly Odd Parents. Even the cheering art is similar. Also, animations are real dull at times.

    Overall: 6.0
    Average humor, average art, and interesting plot make this an alright show to watch. Ignore all the other new shows, but you can watch this if you like.
  • Love this show!

    This awesome great fabulous awesome series Wayside is a show about Todd, Myron, etc. that are students at a school called wayside. I love this show and I wish for more newer episodes. This is a great show. It's a show for everyone! The Principal, Mr. Kidswater always gets into some weird scenes like calling Todd, 344 South Avenue, and him calling Myron various names. Myron's teacher, Mrs. Jewels always likes to be accurate and always acts like she doesn't want to get in trouble of doing kid things like, hiding from Mr. Kidswater in the filing cabinet, Telling Mericia "Todd rather eat Ms. Mush's mushroom surprise then be your boyfriend." and just plain saying "You don't have a permission slip, you don't a permission to save us."
  • I love this show

    I love this show every time i get home from school I always make sure i watch this almost every day. It's good show to let the time pass by. Some times some parts in the show are a little bit weird in a funny way. I highly recommended this show. I hope they don't plan on canceling this show any time soon. I like seeing how most of the background carters have names, and some times they do episodes with them being the stars of that episode. Anyway I've got to go now see ya soon people :) bye!
  • i get sad when i watch this show

    i always used to read the books faithfully and knew about every character, and when this show premiered i thought," wait, whoah! i remember this!" I remembered every character there was in there, which kind of surprised me. But whenever i watch this, i think of how im graduating this year and this show always brings back memories of when i was young. As for the show itself, it is kind of more... how do i put this... quirky than the actual books. Some episodes i like but some im like," wait what just happened?" overall, this show has some(emphasis on some) flaws but an overall good show that is slightly underrapreciated
  • this show is not bad

    at first i hated this show alot but now that i kept watching this show its not bad at all this show has alot of comedy and i liked the fact that they put it on nickolodean theres some epiosdes though that its real boring but some episodes are REAL FUNNY i think that some of the nickoldean fans and some of the comdey fans will like this show i dont get it why dont alot of people like this show cause its not bad at all i think when it comes out on DVD i wanna buy it! so i give it a 7.9/10
  • This isn't the greatest show in the history of telivison, but it's a nice show to pass the time. It's not nearly as good as the books and not as good as Spongebob Squarepants but stillentertaining and i'd rather watch it then Family Guy any day

    This show is pretty good. At first when i saw this show, i was disgusted because my teacher used to read the books to us in 3rd grade and we would laugh our butts off and i loved them and read the stories to my mom. But I learned to appreciate the show. The animation is usually good, the character designs are refreshing, the characters are quite appealing and the colors are really bright and fun and has a psychedella feel. But it can be a bit weird and corny, even for wayside, but it's still enjoyable and fun. My mom's watched it and thinks it's pretty good but is dissapointed of how loosly based the show is.
  • It's pretty funny. I loved the books, so i gave this a try.

    The show is really funny, but for some reason i don't thing it captures the awsome book very well. Lots of things are different. I don't think they got enough of that secret floor, Louis, Mrs. Gorf, and did they even have Mrs. Nogard? I think they have too much of Mrs. Mush, i mean i hate her, they should give louis more spotlight. Besides all this, i think it is a great funny show based on one of the funniest books i have ever read. I don't think Nick is treating it very well, they are rearely showing it, and i have to turn to annoying nicktoons network forwhen i have to watch it (I HATE NICKTOONS NETWORK!!). Like i said, this show is pretty good. Eight point six, out of ten.
  • This show is almost great.

    I never read the books, but I was expecting it to be good, and it was half of good. It is also funny sometimes, but it also can get boring. The story needs a little inprovement. I have seen better than this. It can get old really fast, thats why I don't watch it much. They need to make better episodes than this. The show is ok, but can't compete with Spongebob Squarepants. It's better than The Naked Brothers Band, though. I feel as the show isn't as good as The Fairly Odd Parents and Jimmy Neutron. It is good enough.
  • I love this show!!!!!

    Wayside is one of the best things that have happened to me since sliced bread. It's the 2nd show I'm addicted to that isn't an anime. (The other is Boy Meets World.) I watched the first episodes today and couldn't stop laughing. Todd is my favorite. In the book, he's just some random guy without a clue. My mom's a little disappointed in Wayside. She loves the books and reads them to her 3rd grade class every year, and she saw the characters and was mad because they looked so goofy. The best part of Wayside is Mr. Kidswatter. He's so weird.
  • It's ok I guess

    Ok this show Is not that bad.I will give this show a chance on nickelodeon.I hope this goes with the good shows.Some of the chareters remind me of people.The colors are a little to bright but the show is pretty funny when you get used to it.I do laugh a few times.this is not one of my favirotes or anything but this show is pretty good.This show mabye is for everyone.when I first saw this show I said."hmm this show is not bad"This is not just for kids mabye this show may be for everyone like mario.I will give it a good score becuase it is not bad.
  • What the heck?

    When I was younger, I read one of the books this show is based off of, and I thought, not the greatest thing I've read but it wasn't exactly horrible. Then one day I was flipping through channels and noticed this show was on. I was thinking well there's nothing better on and hwo bad could it really be? Well at the end of those thirty minutes I found a new level of bad. It seemed like Nick just put the show on the air for, well, the sake of putting a new show on the air. In conclusion it looks like one of the most recent of Nick's many mistakes.
  • Just like the books

    I read the Wayside books and they were funny and cool. Now the show is just like it. Louis Sachar is a very cool author and if you read the books and saw the show, you'll under stand every thing about Todd and his shenanigans with all of his friends.
  • One of my favorite cartoon shows on Nick.

    This show was great. I never thought that there will be Wayside at Nickelodeon. I like this show because I have a book Sideway Stories From Wayside School. I know all of the students' name and the other characters. Some of the characters don't look like the same as in the books but it is a great show. This show was funnier than the book because there's alot of episodes that you could watch.I always watch the cartoon show every 12:30 at the afternoon. I'm very thankful for Nickelodeon to have this show on their network. I always laugh at this show and it's one of my favorites! A very funny and great show.
  • its okay but the books were better.

    Wayside is a show based off of the wonderful Wayside book series. This show is okay but not nearly as good as the books. Its much better than the other new nick cartoons and shows though. I'm still gonna give it some more chances and who knows I might even start to love it! I would give this show a C for now.
  • A show that is based off the wacky book series.

    Okay I saw this one day and I thought it was the stupidest thing Nick has ever brought to their network. But I also thought El Tigre was bad and it turned out great. but this is just average, its not my favorite, but its funny and original. The story is about a kid nmed Todd and he goes to this school called "WaySide." Its not an ordinary school, it has crazy stuff going on every day. Todd soon learns he needs to accept the fact that WaySide is the way it is. Along the way he meets his wacky teachers and classmates.
  • Wayside rocks!!!!! Probably one of the best shows that Nick has to offer.

    How shall I explain this great show? Even if it has been airing for a week, I can tell you that this show is great! We get to see a new guy named Todd. Todd is a boy who has been transfered to Wayside school and he's getting used to what's going on in the school and how different school is in Wayside. Todd is to me awesome. I like how he is, He's doing great in Wayside; but leaving early in the Kindergarten Bus? Most likely an average student. Todd is the main character, but my favorite character is Mauricia. So funny wherever she goes, especially with Todd. She loves him!!! But Todd doesn't love her. Or so we think? Mauricia can be seen with skates on, and mostly wears them wherever, whenever in Wayside. She has a funny attitude. It's like whenever I see her, I'll always laugh. Because of that is the reason I like Mauricia. Todd does have other friends like Myron. All I can say of him is that he's kind of a show off. He wants to be popular in Wayside, but he isn't due to his plans. I like Myron as well due to his funny status in the show and I also the way he treats his friends; with bad ways and good attitude. They are all taught under the teacher, Ms. Jewls. To me, she another person I like. Even if she puts Todd in the Kindergarten Bus, She has a great way of teaching the class. She kind of a mystical woman, magical, and spiritual, makes you want to jump off your seats when she's teaching. Her teaching may not be good on Todd, but to the others, she's a favorite to the other students. That's all I can say from the show. I recommend everyone to watch this show. It will leave you a giggle when you watch it.
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