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  • The most popular show based on a book: Wayside(TV show, not products)

    The show called wayside is based on a books from Louis Sachar. First, there was a pilot of the show(The one hour episode; the movie) that was great(even though some people didn't think it was good); 7.5/10.
    But the series was even better than the movie. Here's why:

    Art 8.5/10 - The art was pretty much hand-drawn and probably wasn't all that flawless, but it looked very great when was produced on a computer. In other words, it looks amazing.

    Characters 9.0/10 - The characters are amazing, despite the diaglogue being a bit flawed(dialogue: 7.5/10).
    Todd: the cool geek
    Maurecia: Emotional Tomboy
    Dana: happy and laughable nerd
    Myron: loveable goof
    Mrs. Jewls: Sweet, lovable, and weird teacher(that I love ;) )
    Louis: Coolheaded janior
    And....so on

    Animation 7.5/10 - very great, but at some scenes, it just need some work so the people watching show would need. Otherwise on that, it's pretty good. In fact, I wonder if the show was to be remaked into an anime styled animation of the show.

    Plot 10/10 - Pretty much the show has episodes ending with lessons that are real useful.

    Voice acting 9.5/10 - Not all flawless, but very good.

    Music 8.0/10 - The intro music is amazing, but during the show on some episodes, the music are sometimes weird and quirky. Aside from the music during the show, it's not that bad.

    Presentation 8/10 - Fun, exciting, funny, sometimes dramatic. They did a good job on its presentation!

    Bottom line - This show is great, despite small flaws of the show(from unfinished drawing parts to some musics). The great art, the amazing charaters, and other things like that. Wayside the movie and the animated series is possibly the popular show based on books. um...when Wayside is airing season 3 on teletoon and releasing season 2 on DVD? I bet it would be AWSOME!! P.S I love you, Mrs. Jewls :)