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AIRED ON 7/23/2015

Season 1 : Episode 10

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The idyllic town of Wayward Pines holds a secret ... you can enter but cannot leave. Created by M. Night Shyamalan, the series was adapted for television by Chad Hodge. Matt Dillon plays the role of Secret Service Agent Ethan Burke. Ethan goes to Wayward Pines in search of two other missing Secret Service Agents. Ethan soon discovers that all is not what it seems in this town and his investigation only turns up more questions. Each question leads him to the most important question of all: What's wrong with Wayward Pines? Meanwhile his wife, Theresa Burke, receives word that her husband my be missing. They couldn't find Ethan in the car that was found outside of Wayward Pines. The 10 episode series is based on the novels by Crouch and executive produced by M. Night Shyamalan, Donald De Line, Chad Hodge and Ashwin Rajan. Filming took place between August 2013 and February 2014 in Burnaby (interiors) and Agassiz (exteriors) - 90 minutes east of Vancouver, in British Columbia. Part of the community’s Pioneer Avenue will stand-in as the titular (and fictional) Idaho town’s main street.


    Fox Renews Wayward Pines for Season 2

    The series will return with 10 new episodes in the summer.

  • IT'S OVAH!

    Wayward Pines Series Finale Review: Dinner Time

    Fox's wacky miniseries cameto an end tonight with monsters knocking on the door. Did Wayward Pines let them in?

  • Matt Dillon

    Matt Dillon

    Ethan Burke

    Jason Patric

    Jason Patric

    Dr. Theo Yedlin

    Carla Gugino

    Carla Gugino

    Kate Hewson Ballinger

    Toby Jones

    Toby Jones

    Dr. Jenkins

    Shannyn Sossamon

    Shannyn Sossamon

    Theresa Burke

    Reed Diamond

    Reed Diamond

    Harold Ballinger

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    • An amazing show! Until the last two episodes...

      The first half of the series dealt with the mystery of the town and that mystery was exceptional. It was intriguing and the payoff was both fulfilling and added an extra layer of depth to the already deep story.

      Unusually, that payoff came extremely early in the series and the remaining half did lack somewhat due to the show's mysterious aspect. For the next few episodes it successfully replaced that mystery with intensity which was enough to keep the quality relatively high even after surrendering the mystery that the show formerly relied on.

      What really hurt both the show and my final rating was the final moments of the second-to-last episode. The show jumped the shark in a manner that even the Fonz would have shaken his head at in dismay: The man that had sacrificed more than most people even realize we have to sacrifice; in order to preserve the human race suddenly decided to perform a complete 180 on his character and try his hand at genocide. The final episode was a mere continuation of that absurd leap and although it had some more absurd leaps of its own, nothing in television has ever or will ever surpass that one moment of show assassination, when it comes to taxing our suspension of disbelief.

      If the term "Jumping the Shark" didn't roll off the tongue so well, Wayward Pines would have pulled off the impossible and managed to replace the term with a much less flavorful "premature genocide".moreless
    • A good sci-fi story

      proper sci-fi, with a beginning and an end and no flogging a dead horse, well I hope so anyway
    • only 10 weeks then when its #1 they kill it? there nuts






      would make it where matt dillon was not dead and he was

      about killed but got out of the shaft just in time but due to the

      "First Generation, runs the town hes ran off in

      the woods and holds up in the old city with Hassler.


      you could have Ben start a revolt with his dad and Hassler. If he

      decided to free the adults and try to reverse the warped operation of

      the "First Generation," don't forget Amy

      should be Bens wife and have kids,


      you could have possible

      a 2nd city found they is a us gov town started but crazy

      people that wants to take over Wayward

      Pines also, or you could just make the 2nd

      city a friend? But all this would make a good season 3 & 4

      when the network get sick of losing people back to the walking dead it could come back, but to kill your #1 show is not if it dose return what to do???

      season 2 , I would just show how over the last 3 years the First

      Generation, took over the town, and how the monsters got killed but this 10 show idear most stop due to the show was #1 the night it was pulled off the air, due to it just went to #1 from #2 the same week why did some one not start weeks ago on more shows? i feel some one just drop the ball on it or had a idear the show would flop befor it was air or just gave up on it,moreless
    • You wated 10 weeks?

      @gloriama I think the only thing that needs to be ironed out is how every show you watch apparently needs to lead you around by the nose explaining everything to you like you are a 5 yr. old.

      I mean common, the phone call is obviously taking place in the past and it isn't rocket science to deduce what is going on there.
    • wasted 10 weeks

      This show turned out to be one of the worst I have ever spent my time watching. The ending was totally rushed through leaving many unanswered questions. And please dont say it is because they want to make a second season. Does anyone realize that in the first episode the CIA boss is on the phone talking to someone about the experiment? How can a man in todays world be speaking to someone in a world we are asked to believe is maybe 2000 years later after the destruction of this world? Perhaps if all of that were ironed out, it might have been a little bit better. The acting was good and it might have been a better show had the ending been different or even decent.moreless
    • 10:00 pm

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