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AIRED ON 10/7/2010

Season 2 : Episode 8

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Think you got the skills to be the best gamer in the country? Contestants on this reality competition are vying for the title of "Best All-Around Gamer", as well as a Samsung electronics package and a cash prize of $100,000. Most of all, they become the face of the World Cyber Games, representing the WCG at events all around the world, starting with the 2009 Grand Final in China. Not only do competitors face off in traditional video game play, but they also compete in real-life challenges based on each of the games. After eight grueling weeks, 11 gamers are cut, and only one remains as the best all-around gamer in the United States.
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  • this show is perfect!!

    i luv this show!! i jus started watching but it already my fav shows on tv!! o lo l o lo l o l o l o l o l o l o lo l o l o l o l o l o l ol o l o l o l o lo l o l o l o l o lo l o l o l o l o l o lo l o l o lo l o lo l o l ol o lo l o lo o lo l ol loz! 100 words biatch!moreless
  • Awesome idea, not so much with the challenges...

    I really enjoy the show's idea showcasing the new trend of Professional Gaming. However, I'm not a big fan of the "some" of the silly challenges... I'd much rather watch a show that pitted pro-gamers at games they selected beforehand as their strong points and see them go toe to toe to find the ultimate gamer...

    I guess the "jump the shark" moment for me was when they had to play the racing game upside down... I know it's reality TV and they need to find some way to be like "everybody" else's reality show with shocking "twists"...But honestly what's that got to do with gaming? I'd really have gotten into the show had they showed the show more like The Ultimate Fighter where the gamers are training and proving how good they are at an upcoming battle. Also, where was the marketing for this show? I'd never even heard of it until I ran into it on Hulu? Was this show shot just to fail from the beginning?

    Anyway, great idea just poor delivery on becoming just another Reality TV show, I really wish they would have done something more original with this great idea.moreless
  • Why the rush?

    After hearing a show was being made that focused on video gamers and video games, I got excited. Week after week gamers would go at it to prove who really is the ultimate gamer. But, the format of this show wasnt so good. I understand with reality shows, there is drama, but the way the show edits what takes place in the house,it kind of wants to make you face palm the show. Ok, maybe that didnt make sense but seriously, what was up with the shortness? Never before in all the reality shows ive watch that a huge chunk of the contestants leave the show all in one episode just leaving two to determine who is the ultimate gamer. Seriously, why the rush? Eight (8) episodes with twelve (12) contestants?! Why not allow one contestant to leave during a week, until there is only 2, instead of rushing at the end? That would of pushed it to at least two more episode. The ending is what ruined what could of been another season people could of been looking forward to. (was meant to be posted here, not for a episode review)moreless
  • This show is NOT science fiction! What does copying stunts from some video games have to with winning as an Ultimate gamer.

    I started watching this reality show and this is really a complete waste of time. I mean it's all about people copying stunts from video games to become some ultimate gamer. Plus I assume that there's always going to be complaints from some contestants that they're not good enough and it's going to happen in every episode. Last summer I heard that they going to have a show like this and I thought it's going to be a really bad show and my hunch was right. I admit I love playing some video games like Grand Theft Auto, Tekken, and Dead Space but this some new video game contest series doesn't really fit in to Sci-fi nor it doesn't interests me the most and I find this lame and boring.moreless

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