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WCW Monday Nitro was the weekly show designed by Eric Bischoff to compete against Vince McMahon's WWF Monday Night Raw. The show began broadcasting on TNT in September, 1995. WCW Monday Nitro's ratings really exploded in 1997 when Goldberg, The Flock, and nWo were introduced. After a huge fall in the ratings, WCW Monday Nitro was cancelled by AOL/Time Warner in March of 2001 by Head of Programming Jamie Kellner, and parts of WCW were subsequently bought by Vincent K. McMahon's World Wrestling Federation Entertainment (World Wrestling Entertainment). Despite plans of a WWE Entertainment version of "WCW Monday Nitro" returning on a different channel, and possibly, on a different day, it never did. Did you Know ... That Nitro went on to lead in the ratings for an amazing 80+ weeks. That Lex Luger debuted on the first episode on WCW Monday Nitro. That the nWo storylines are argued by many as one of the best ever in professional wrestling history.Related Programs - WCW Pay-Per View - WCW Thunder - WCW Saturday Night - WCW WorldWide - WCW Main Event - WCW Clash Of The ChampionsBuy The DVD/VHS of the "WWF/WCW Monday Night Wars" courtesy of Amazon.com When the WWE bought out WCW, many of the WCW's wrestlers made a name for themselves on WWE programming. Here is a list containing links to the WWE.com profiles of the current WWE superstars that wrestled on WCW Monday Nitro. Big Show Bill DeMott Billy Kidman Booker T Chavo Guerrero Chris Benoit Chris Jericho Eddie Guerrero Eric Bischoff Eugene Mark Jindrak Rey Mysterio Ric Flair Shannon Moore The Hurricane William Regal The last WCW Champions WCW World Heavyweight Championship: Chris Jericho by defeating The Rock at WWF Vengenace on the 9th December 2001. With the Victory, the WCW World Title and the WWF Title were unified. WCW Television Championship: Hacksaw Jim Duggan found the title in a garbage bin and started defending it throughout the year of 2000, defeating people such as Robert Gibson. WCW United States Champion: Edge by defeating Test on RAW 12th November 2001. The title was then unified with the WWF Intercontinental Championship. WCW Cruiserweight Championship: Tajiri defeated Billy Kidman on RAW (22/10/2001), and the title unified with the WWF Light Heavyweight Championship, becoming the "WWF Cruiserweight Championship." WCW Hardcore Championship: Meng defeated Terry Funk on the 14th January 2001, and Meng turned up at the WWF Royal Rumble shortly after winning the title, it was vacated. WCW Tag Team Championship: The Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray and D-Von Dudley) defeated the Hardy Boyz at WWF Surivior Series 2001, and the titles unified with the WWF Tag Team Championship.

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  • WCW was the best wrestling show ever. It was better than wwe and ecw. I used to watch tis show every Monday night on TNT. And watch WCW Thunder every Thursday night on TBS. I enjoyed this show. They need to bring this show back someday.moreless

    They brought back ecw and didn`t bring back WCW. I didn`t like ecw. It was boring. WCW had a lot of wrestler`s like Goldberg, Hulk Hogan, Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, The Giant, Macho Man, Lex Luger, Sting, Konnan, Scott Steiner, Rick Steiner, Raven, Ric Flair, Alex Wright, Kanyon, Booker T, Stevie Ray, Chris Benoit, Dean Malenko, Bret Hart, The British Bulldogg, Curt Hennig, Rowdy Roddy Piper, and everybody. They also had the best announcers and great storylines. This show brings back many memories. It`s just sad that they took this show off the air. I hope they bring it back someday. I really enjoyed this show.

    Please bring back WCW! I`m begging you.moreless
  • Fun while it lasted.

    I don't think that this show was as bad as it showed it was when it was on the last two years of its run. The tattered image it left made it seem like Monday Nitro was a terrible show when it truth, it was once better than Monday Night Raw. I thought this was one of the better shows when it was in its prime around 1995-1997. I even would say it was a top show on cable. That said, it is sad to see the show become a thing of the past when the current wrestling products are about the same level of boring. Thank you.moreless
  • I miss this show

    I really miss the show, I miss WCW, I miss the Monday Night Wars. Those were the days when it was great to be a wrestling fan. The NWO, The Flock, The Horsemen. I wish WCW never went out of business. Nitro was awesome of a show. It was better then Thunder. The Nitro Girls were hot. The segments were great and the matches were classic(Not all of them.I just miss Monday being bale to switch back and forth if one of the shows had something you didn't like on it. WCW Nitro will always be one of the best wrestling hsows out there right behind Raw of course.moreless
  • It was in the mid-90's when Eric Bischoff backed by the money of Ted Turner decided to take Vince McMahon WWE straight head to head.

    It was in the mid-90's when Eric Bischoff backed by the money of Ted Turner decided to take Vince McMahon WWE straight head to head.

    After luring top star Hulk Hogan, WCW did the unimaginable when following the signing of Scott Hall and Kevin Nash, turned the biggest fan favourite of all time, Hulk Hogan, as a heel to form the new World order.

    With the nWo running the show and battling WCW team lead by Sting, Eric Bischoff managed to beat Vince McMahon regularly during the Monday Night Rating Wars. The sudden emergence of Goldberg continued to help WCW.

    But following a slump by WCW mainly due to mismanagement, WWE bought WCW to put it out of business.

    It was during the nWo era that wrestling was at its best with two major companies going at it toe to toe. WCW and nWo will be forever missed by any wrestling fan.moreless
  • Monday Nitro Vs Monday Night Raw. Boy those were the days.....

    Around the time the Monday Night Wars, I was 10 - 16 years old......and had no cable, which meant I missed a LOT of great moments from Raw and Nitro. Sad for me, but thank God for the Internet, YouTube, Daliymotion and Livevideo. And all I can say is this: I missed out on a lot of "history in the making" moments.

    Monday Nitro was definitely the better wrestling show than Monday Night Raw. Well one of the many reason why was Eric Bischoff's plan: to broadcast what the WWF was doing an HOUR before they came on the air......which worked to their advantage until 1998.

    Tell me something, how many times have you seen a lot of great promos and matches all under one promotion? Some had one of those elements, but lacked the other. Not Nitro, they were the total package. And man, did they put on a better product back in the days........until the infamous "Finger poke of Doom." That damaged Nitro and WCW beyond repairs.

    2001, WCW was bought and Nitro died. It really sickens me when WCW went bankrupt, because Nitro was the heart for the WWF. Not their stars, but Nitro. They were competition, and without that, we get the current WWE product. With guys like Cena, Batista and Lashley as champions........really great product, isn't it? NOT.

    To conclude:

    Monday Nitro, better show. It's a shame it died. And R.I.P. Hopefully we can get another Monday Night War soon so we can get better products, but with the way TNA is going, don't expect that to happen.moreless

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