WCW Saturday Night

TBS (ended 2000)


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  • Yet another wrestling program that was not appreciated enough. I wish we could choose 2 things, because the other thing would be, "Bring it back!"

    On Saturday Night's from 6:05pm-8:05pm on TBS, WCW SN was the show to watch.
    As an all-time WCW fan, this was my show to watch. COC was great and WCW Saturday Night was like the icing on the cake. It was a good show, good opening and the man who owed that show on Saturdays, was none other than Barry Horowitz.
    They had the best tag matches at times and it was just pure wrestling, nothing much about storylines until that guy changed it in 1996-97.
    I miss this show and pray to God there will a dvd collection it eventually.
  • the mutha-sheee-ipp!

    this was the best wrestling show on from the late seventies to the mid to late eighties. when wcw took over it started to go downhill. when nitro came along it made this show turn out to be a catch up show. but in the mid eighties when the four horsemen first came around this was the show to watch. with guys like magnum ta, dust rhodes, ricky steamboat, and all the rest you just could not go wrong.