We Are Klang

BBC Three (ended 2009)


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  • This is a British Comedy show, witch means loads of dry humor where we might not laugh. It takes place in Klangbury, and involves 3 weirdos who run the city council. The show involves the audience whenever it can and they play comedic music.

    This is a good show I know the ratings seem low but its 8 ppl. Anyways ignoring that its a comedy team and its British comedy. Witch if you have never watched its that old timey (Shakespeare or king time) jokes that you si there and think a child wrote. You will either hate it or love it or maybe liek me occasionally find it funny. I only saw it online sicne I wondered wtf it was. Many of there jokes are repetitive since it is them just poking fun at each other and then doing whatever the were supposed to do then back to making jokes about themselves or sinning a song to figure out what they might do. BTW if you hate tis reviews its cause I have no idea what to say for this its just so out there when I wrote this almost no one had either seen it or rated it. You need to watch online or have BBC to get it All I can say is don't watch the first episode maybe the second or third, the first was not the greatest of introductions since it was more penis joke oriented.