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CBS (ended 2013)
Today, CBS canceled one of its single-camera comedies, We Are Men, after only two episodes. Now I will answer some questions I've thought up.

When will we get to see We Are Men's remaining episodes?

This has not been announced yet, but in the past CBS has often aired episodes of canceled shows shortly after cancelation on Saturdays. Last year, Made In Jersey aired on Saturdays beginning in November after its October cancelation. Two years back, CBS canceled comedy How to Be a Gentleman after two episodes had been aired, and immediately moved it to Saturdays, although it got moved to summer after one Saturday episode. My guess is that we will hear about plans to air the show on Saturdays before the end of October.

Why did We Are Men get canceled anyway?

We Are Men got a 2.0 rating in its first episode and a 1.8 in its second. That'd be good if the show were on NBC, but those are not good ratings for a CBS comedy. So, basically, if more people ages 18-49 had watched the show, it wouldn't have gotten canceled. But they didn't.

What are your thoughts on the cancelation?

Well, the show was alright. Neither episodes were great, though neither were bad. I'll keep watching when the remaining episodes are released, for a little while at least. The show's ideas and actors were really good, just the writing/jokes weren't great.

CBS canceled We Are Men on Wednesday, October 9, 2013 after the show had aired two episodes.
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Oct 10, 2013
too bad but I'm not surprised because of the strong bad reactions I have read after the pilot.
Oct 10, 2013
It wasn't good from the get-go... but I must say the 2nd episode (last episode LOL) was better than the pilot.
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