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CBS (ended 2013)
Not only did CBS expand their comedy hours in the week this year from 3 to 4, but they also expanded from only multi-camera comedies to both multi-camera and single-camera comedies. CBS picked up two single-camera comedies this fall, Robin Williams's The Crazy Ones and male ensemble comedy We Are Men. I opted not to watch The Crazy Ones, as what it's about sounds quite boring, but I did decide to watch We Are Men.

The pilot of We Are Men was definitely stupid in some areas, but it did have some funny parts. The most memorable stupid part is when the ex-boyfriend runs into the wedding and the bride immediately leaves Carter. I mean, seriously, would someone run off that quickly? She's about to get married and then an ex comes in and off she goes. In real life, don't you think that she would have difficulty choosing, and eventually end up choosing her fiancée? Like I said, stupid. But, there were also some really funny parts, like when Frank tells them all "no" regarding his daughter. That was really funny.

Carter was a pretty funny character, but some of the time he just was too innocent. Stuart and Gil I didn't find to be very funny. Frank was by far the funniest person in the cast. I'm a Tony Shalhoub fan now!

Overall, this episode was alright. Not great, but alright. Not bad, but alright. I will watch this show at least through episode three, and I'll only give up there if the next two episodes are completely awful. If the next three episodes are alright or bad, then I'm done. If we get a good episode soon, then I'll stick around for a little while longer. I expect the show to get better from here, so I expect to be around at least through episode 6.


His bride just left him at the altar.
Carter: Do you really have to lead with that?
Gil: It's really your defining characteristic right now.

Gil: Were you going to tell me my nose was bleeding?
Carter: I wanted to hear what you had to say.

Sarah: Do you have concerns?
Carter: I don't have concerns.
Priest: I have concerns.


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