We Got It Made

NBC (ended 1988)


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  • Different Premise, Workable Idea, No Talent

    This show was supposed to be a take-off of Three's Company with two guys living with a girl, but it was actually more of a rip-off with none of the talent or humor. The spin was that the guys were opposites, a homage to the Odd Couple with actor Matt McCoy as the uptight handsome lawyer and Tom Villard as the goofy looking space cadet with his head in the clouds. They both had girlfriends played by Stepfanie Kramer (later of Hunter fame) and Bonnie Urseth. Then in walked Teri Copley, a beautiful, vacuous blonde whose personality was even amounts of Marilyn Monroe and Lucille Ball, who they hired to be their live-in maid, but she was really just a bit of jiggle with no brain - basically Suzanne Somers in Marilyn Monroe's body. The series was to prove how the guys could be loyal to their girls without obsessing about their drop-dead gorgeous maid. This nearly successful show was then ruined by what kills so many first time shows: tampering. Out went McCoy, Kramer and Urseth, leaving Copley and Villard with another idiot roommate to suffer through first-run syndication. This show was supposed to be a break-out success for Teri Copley, but instead it became another example of another really bad example of how not to ruin a series!