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  • Season 1
    • Outback Catering
      Outback Catering
      Episode 8
      The team meets Doug, a struggling caterer who's been in business for 20 years. But while times have changed, the way Doug does business hasn't and he's barely surviving.
    • Spinal Fit
      Spinal Fit
      Episode 7
      The team visits Dr. Lou, a talented chiropractor whose practice is barely limping along. With only a handful of loyal clients, he constantly struggles to cover his massive monthly expenses--which he keeps track of in his head.
    • Jazyhair Salon
      Jazyhair Salon
      Episode 6
      The team meets Jasmine, a feisty Croatian immigrant who recently opened her own salon--Jazyhair. Unfortunately, it's a far cry from the upscale establishment she always dreamed of. Too many unused styling stations make the salon seem empty and unpopular and ambience is sorely lacking. Now, Jasmine is deep in debt and barely has enough clients to cover her minimum credit card payments. The team sees plenty of opportunities to turn the business around, but Jasmine has her own way of doing things and fights them every step of the way. While Peter transforms the décor and Katie introduces some badly-needed technology, Bill takes Jasmine to a famous, high-end salon in the hopes of transforming her frame of mind.moreless
    • Brownstone Pizzeria
      New business owners Gunther and Bertha loaded up their credit cards and cashed in their 401k to open Brownstone eight months ago. Despite a great location in an up-and-coming neighborhood, Brownstone is barely scraping by.
    • Wagville
      Episode 4
      The team comes to the aid of a doggy day care on the brink of financial ruin. Slacker employees, a lobby with all the appeal of a storage shed and an inefficient check-in process are just a few of the problems plaguing this business.
    • The Sensitive Barker
      Gluten-free bakery owner Sandee opened her business to help people with food allergies, but now, she's the one who needs help. Her store is operating in the red, is run by teenagers who don't take their jobs seriously, and has absolutely no decor.
    • Poka Dott
      Poka Dott
      Episode 2
      The team tackles a party store that's outdated, off the radar and lacking any inventory system to track the thousands of products gathering dust on the shelves. Loaded with debt, owner Stephanie is letting the business run her family into the ground.
    • Berry Elegance
      Berry Elegance
      Episode 1
      Dysfunctional owners Amy and Todd have been running their chocolate-dipped berry business into the ground. The employees dislike Todd's management style and Amy isn't putting in enough hours at the store.