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Saturday 12:00 AM on VH1 Premiered Jan 06, 2006 Between Seasons


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  • Just when WebJunk 20 was at its highest high...

    ...it fell to its lowest low. Seriously, I looked forward to this show every friday night when Patrice was hosting. I mean, that guy's hella funny! But then, they brought in what's-his-face, and his dry humor, bad jokes, monotoneous voice and 'on dope' eyes have dragged the show down. What it used to be was the 20 funniest web vids from IFilm or anywhere on the internet, each one bringing... uniqueness, to say the least. From the gross, to the bloopers, to the bizarre, to the unbelieveable, and of course, the funny, each video was something to be remembered... now, the show's becoming something to be forgotten.
  • how hilarious can this be

    this show almost makes me think can this show get any better. Things that are stupid and freaky geting poked fun at how can people not look at this stuff and not laugh? I'm asking how can you not laugh seriously it's almost like these clips are begging to be poked fun at
  • The show was getting really good...

    The show was getting really good but then they changed the host. I loved the 1st and 2nd seasons but when it got to the 3rd, it went down hill. Not looking at the third season, Web Junk 20 is a really funny show. I am a fan of iFilm and YouTube's viral films, but I would like to know what movies I should look up. I also love the fact that there's a contest to Show Us Your Junk. Now stop making an inuendo and listen. The show will offer you $10,000 just to make a little video. I got to get into this. But before I get off track. People should check this show out if they would like to laugh after a hard day of work or school. I hope they come back with a 4th season with a new host.
  • This show use to be really cool with the old host, but the new guy ruined it!

    Web Junk 20 is about veiwers that send in stuff that they made or found on the internet, and send it to the show. Some of the stuff is very hillaries!! BU tsome could use some tweeking. A lot of the stuff on the show are just plain unexplainable. It could go both ways. Web Junk 20 used to be so funny, and the host use give great jokes to the clips. He'd make cheap shots, and made fun of the people in the clips. That show was cool because of him. BUt now with the new host, its dull. ALso, the new host tries to hard to be funny!