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  • not really a review per of a is it not showing all my words??

    I love this show and its because of Lisa in fact its all about her her too early for me to think hard enough for her is great as is sooooo freaking sitting on the chair on the 6th is it the 6th season already? I have to go back and if I have missed all these dang like I was am watching the show as I am writing this and i am laughing my ass off as I hear her talking in the background LOL... i cant I was sitting there already made me laugh!! and thats the first 5 I cant is so wasnt really a FRIENDs became a real fan of her because of this that it matters nor am I putting the other members of that show down but she's the only one I liked and that David Schwimmer dude, excuse my spelling, like i said,,its too he was in Band of haven't read the other comments except for the one below this one because it said something about people were course there will always be people who wont like the curious enough to see these complaints for myself bu all have though is love this show because its funny of Lisa is the one who is on screen the most so its riding on her is so funny!! and there is just something about her that I feel like shes down to hey, what do I just here for the looking for any role models or keep watching hope they have more did not watch the show because I am a fan boy of hers because of this am now and will be a fan of hers until starts killing babies and selling women into slavery or all the other actors who i never even gave a second thought about I am not liking them because they appear on this show... A +++ from off my day watching this is making me very its making my day brighter already! I would give it a 10 but I find her male dude secretary annoying for some reason and I am not becoming a fan of him no matter how hard I putting you down or is talented I am sure but I just cant stand not funny to I have only seen the first episode of this season so Im not sure if hes still even in the hes not then its a 10 from me! and I believe my standards are pretty the Larry Sanders show is one of the best comedies out there type of Absolutely Fabulous if thats saying anything about my taste in comedy but I take it very I aint no expert and I sometimes find myself watching shows because of my bias for a particular acrtor in the means both men and women nowadays and the PC way of saying thanks for your kinda got out of hand is very know i said it wasnt a review but it turned into one kinda I guess? weird my title is showing a partial oh well WHY IS NOT SHOWING EVERYTHING I TYPE, I SOUND LIKE AN IDIOT?!?