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TBS (ended 2013)

Dig it!

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    [1]Dec 18, 2012
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    I like this show. I have to admit something about it looks like a web series, but it's inventive, funny and the kinda show that celebrates Bromance. Now living in Seattle, I can tell you that nothing about the show says Seattle to me. Maybe they should shoot an episode here to sell the illusion. Also, you can tell by watching the band that the only person who probably held an instrument before this show was Brian. They try to cover all that with edits, but my guess it it's hard to do with the limited amount of cover footage they shoot.

    That said, that's the case with most stars who pretend to be musicians. Funny show and I hope TBS keeps it on. The Megan Fox Episode, and Boy Band Episode are two that I would put up for top 100 episodes on 2012

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