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TBS (ended 2013)

Episode 9 was a disapointment.

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    i felt this was the weakest episode so far, the 'parents' were so annoying almost cringeworthy didn't find them funny..but i hear people like that exist...sad..

    The whole 'swingers party' saw that 'coming' as soon as we we're introduced to them in the school car park... seen it before in cliche/unoriginal plot device....

    and i felt james marsters was a bit lame old hasbeen rocker yawn...

    only thing i liked was ingrid dressing up/being sexy and the 'note book stuff' but can anyone explain the ending to me ?

    was it

    1, tommy wrote the song and suddenly it got used for the toyota camry commercial ?


    2. the song WAS FROM the commercial and tommy forgot he'd heard it before and thought it was his idea all along ?

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