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  • My Cup of Tea

    It's about time there's another musical themed series on tv. Mohter of the Bride could outrock California Dreams, The Heights or even The Partridge Family.

    What got me to like this show? Brian Austin Green. Back in the 90's, he had his music happening with David Silver singing & rapping on (Classic) 90210, Johnny the Human Torch did a rap on Fantastic 4, he even put out his own rap album, which was considered the worst rap album ever made. Now he's made a comeback, singing more & playing more nstruments than ever!

    He's really a keyboard whiz & drummer, but has also played the guitar, bass guitar, even the accordion. When they did that Kiss tune in polka style, it reminded me of when John Stamos did the same thing on a final season episode of Full House.

    Cool series. Oh yeah, theyr drummer's a dead ringer for Jack Black.
  • Love it!!!

    when is the next Season??? funny show...
  • Music filled Laughter

    I've watched a lot of comedy and everyday I fish for jokes or humor online, due to this its sometimes hard to get a laugh out of me from any tv show. Anyways with that said it amazed me how entertained and how much this show made me giggle and downright laugh out loud to the point people gave me weird looks. Great cast, nice one liners, fresh jokes, good music (elaborating on that has anyone payed attention to the variety of instruments and spins they put on music many of us have heard all our lives?). This show is amazing it has outstanding potential to be honest I can see this show fighting it out in the comedy ring with big shows like Big Bang Theory. Watch it if you don't love it, watch it again because it will pull you in before you know it, and soon you just get downright addicted to the show.
  • wedding band

    Best underrated comedy tv show since Better Off Ted!!!!
  • Suprisingly Funny!

    Wow I was amazed as to how funny this show is! Considering the melting pot of a cast that you have. Let's review it shall we? We have Beverly Hills 90210's David Silver, NCIS LA's Nate, LOST's Michael, Reaper's Nina, The Office's Jan and the drummer was on Scrubs (I think). I don't know if to say "inspite of" or "thanks to" this incredible variety of actors the show works! I hope it runs for a lot of episodes on TBS!. With so many crappy shows on TV right now IMO this one's a winner.
  • I love it

    I didnt even know this show existed until i got bored and checking up on whats new and boom there it was. Loved the Pilot episode so much. It had really good actors, it wasnt cheesy or lame and was just all round fun. Think have found another favorite show.
  • This show ROCKS!

    My new fav show.... loved it!