Wedding Day - Season 1

Tuesday 9:00 PM on TNT Premiered Jun 16, 2009 Between Seasons


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  • Kellie and Gabe
    Kellie and Gabe
    Episode 10
    Kellie and Gabe are Los Angeles police officers who have both received civilian commendations.
  • Tyra and Rich
    Tyra and Rich
    Episode 9
    A typical weekend for firefighter Tyra and lifeguard Rich involves very little time together, because they are constantly called out to help rescue people in need.
  • Trine and Ryan
    Trine and Ryan
    Episode 8
    As the recipient of the first liver transplant in the state of Florida, Trine has dedicated her life to assisting those waiting for vital organs.
  • Michelle and Roy
    Michelle and Roy
    Episode 7
    Michelle and Roy continuously give their time and energy to help improve the lives of others. They work for a nonprofit community outreach and opportunity center, mentoring, tutoring, instructing and assisting at-risk youth. The spotlight is now on them with a Hollywood wedding that begins with a specially created movie trailer detailing their love story and climaxes with a silver screen wedding at the Park Plaza Hotel.moreless
  • Jen and Shawn
    Jen and Shawn
    Episode 6
    Working with inner-city youth can be quite a challenge, but that has never stopped teacher Jen or high-school basketball volunteer Shawn.
  • Michelle and Juan
    Michelle and Juan
    Episode 5
    When Michelle and Juan met, they seemed to have very little in common. His family speaks Spanish, while hers speaks English. He's Catholic, while she's Jewish. He's blind, while she's sighted. But those differences couldn't stand in the way of their love for one another. Juan, who manages a training center for blind adults, youth and seniors, and Michelle, an academic councilor who recently lost more than 100 pounds, have been engaged for six long years. With families from such different backgrounds, their ceremony is more than just a wedding; it's a multicultural family reunion.moreless
  • Sara and Bryan
    Sara and Bryan
    Episode 4
    At the age of 23, Sarah discovered she was pregnant. Knowing the father of her baby would not be there for her, she worried that she would never find a man who would want to be her husband. Bryan and his wife, Jessica, were high school sweethearts who married and had two beautiful children. But Bryan's world came crashing down when his wife passed away from ovarian cancer. Now, Bryan and Sarah have found love as they bring their three children together to form a blended family.moreless
  • Christina and Shawn
    After almost five years of being engaged, Christina and Shawn started to think their wedding would never happen. Each time the two Army captains tried to set a date, one them would get shipped overseas to serve in Iraq. Working with the military and the Catholic Church, WEDDING DAY arranged to fly the couple home for a wedding they'll never forget. The day includes the ceremony at the very church in which Christina's parents got married; the New York Police Pipe and Drum Corp; a major donation to The Fallen Soldier Fund, a charity close to the couple's heart; and a chance for Christina to trade in her fatigues for a couture wedding dress.moreless
  • Jaénelle & Nyk
    Jaénelle & Nyk
    Episode 2
    Nyk had been in love with Jaénelle since he was 10 years old. Years later, she noticed. Jaénelle and Nyk started dating and quickly fell in love. When Jaénelle became pregnant, the two decided to get married. But their plans had to be put on hold when Jaénelle delivered early, and their daughter, Anayah, had a non-functioning kidney. The crushing prognosis was especially tough on Jaénelle, who is a neo-natal intensive care nurse at Children's Hospital. After Anayah's risky surgery, the couple no longer had the funds to throw a big wedding.moreless
  • Holli and Steve
    Holli and Steve
    Episode 1
    Just four days before his wedding day in 2007, Steve received a call that his bride-to-be, Holli, had been injured in a near-fatal car crash and had only a 50% chance of surviving. After six days in a coma, she finally came to, but everyday since then has been a struggle to withstand the long, painful road to recovery. Holli and Steve's walk down the aisle includes a New York shopping spree, a Badgley-Mishka wedding dress and Manolo Blahnik shoes. The couple even gets to enjoy a special performance by Boyz II Men, who were moved when they heard Holli and Steve's story.moreless