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Wedding Peach

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Welcome to the Wedding Peach guide at Wedding Peach is the enchanting tale of Momoko Hanasaki. Momoko is just a typical 14-year old junior high school girl. Her pastimes consist of surviving school, having fun with her friends, and finding someone to fall in love with and eventually marry in a beautiful ceremony like her mother and father had before her.
Kotono Mitsuishi

Kotono Mitsuishi

Potamos (2nd season)

Shinichiro Miki

Shinichiro Miki

Kazuya Yanagiba

Rica Fukami

Rica Fukami

Voice of Aquelda

Kappei Yamaguchi

Kappei Yamaguchi


Yuko Miyamura

Yuko Miyamura

Hinagiku Tamano/Angel Daisy

Sammy Harte

Sammy Harte


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  • Great show Love Angels a romantic show between Momoko and Yousuke.

    I like this show very much because it gave me a detail for how great is love by Momoko to Yousuke.In the first time he fell in love with Yanagiba,a soccer player an handsome and goodlooking man that even her one friend love him also.In coincidence he became close to Yousuke for their trials,love and hardship that she do anything just this love ties.I follow the flow of this episode too much but the thing puzzle me in my mind why Queen Reindivilla in many times of the episode he uses Yousuke to fight with Momopi the way Yousuke called him.moreless
  • 3 love angels kick evil butt!

    this is the second best anime. i love wedding peach! to bad its over. but i still watch it. its kind of like sailor moon. its about a girl named Momoko and she can turn into a love angel (wedding peach) and with her two friends Hinagiku and Yuri (angel daisy and angel lily) and they try to keep Pluie from desroying love. Pluie makes people mad at eachother by making his Jama-P go in side of them and take over their body then the love angels come and then they can trasform their wedding dresses. then defeats Pluie every time.moreless
  • I just love this show its like sailor moon just alot less names to remeber lol!!

    love will rule over anything even hate nothing can beat love so you better believe it you devils th angel of love will take you down cause you just made her mad woot!!! this is the most awesome show ever i just love it!!! and wedding peach is sooo cute! and her being a clutz makes her more accidental to fall in lovey siuations omg i just love anything with a love realationship!! i just started watching it but im upsessed!! i hope i can see every episode but in english! i love itttttttttt and when there is a mini love triangles are wesome gives so much more excitement to the story the main character is just like the main character of sailor moon lol!moreless
  • I Love this Show ^_^

    The story follows Momoko Hanasaki, a junior high school girl who is in trouble between the Angel World and the Devil World. It all starts when Aphrodite tells Momoko that she is the legendary Love Angel Wedding Peach, and that she will take the place of her mother, Sakura, in finding and protecting the "Sacred Four Somethings", after a devil named Pluie tries to steal Momoko's mother's ring. Now she must protect the sanctity of love from Rain Devilla and her minions. Her friends, the other Love Angels, are Yuri Tanima (Angel Lily), Hinagiku Tamano (Angel Daisy), and Scarlet O'Hara (Angel Salvia). She also has Jama-P, who originally was a minion of Raindevila. Momoko is in love with Yosuke who is, unknowingly, a half-devil warrior of a tribe in the Devil World named Viento; Yosuke's father, coincidentally, is the one who sent Celestia (Sakura) and himself to Earth in the first place. Yuri is in love with Captain Yanagiba of the soccer team, otherwise known as the angel Limone. While trying to live the lives of normal Japanese middle school students, the Love Angels must protect the world with love, or live in a world filled with nothing but hate.moreless
  • This a one fabulous anime.. fil with romance and love..

    This anime is about a girl called Momoko Hanasaki and her 2 friends Yuri and Hinagiku who transform in love angels and save the angel world that is in war with the devil world. The queen of the devils is called Reindevilla..She sent out other devils to destroy humans who are in love..this is called the love wave.

    The love angels must stop Reindevilla!!!

    Yousuke Fuma and Yanigaba help too...

    NOte//Transformation names.

    Momoko..Wedding peach

    Yuri Angel Lily

    Hinagiku Angel Daisy

    Yousuke.. Devil Viento

    Yanigaba Angel Limonemoreless
  • Episode List
    The episode list on here is incorrect. There are two seasons and then four episodes that were released directly on DVD, called OVA...
  • Yousuke Fuuma discussion
    What do you think of Yousuke? The guy that Momoko maybe just possibly could fall for? I think he is sweet but embarassed by his lo...
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