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Wednesday 9:30 (8:30 Central)

ABC (ended 2002)


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Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • Kind Stranger
    • Journey by Night
    • The Last Chance
    • All the Way Home
    • The Line of Duty
    • No Escape
    • Diversity
      Episode 6
      When Red signs off on announcing an IBS diversity program, Paul assigns David, Mike and Joanne to head it up. But David begins to feel the pressure of network life when he discovers how difficult it is to please every minority group. E! News Daily's Steve Kmetko makes a special guest appearance.moreless
    • Fired
      Episode 5
      David walks into his office to find an ex-employee. The co-workers have no idea why he's working there but they're still happy to see he's there. They even know Dave was fired. Then they're comes another new employee named Jeffrey who is going to take David's spot, too. So, David gets fired. He tries to ask Paul to ask Red to give him back the job. He says no. So, David does it himself. He couldn't do it the first time, but the second time he got his job back. Meanwhile, Lindsay and Joanne find out that Mike is gay. So, Mike asks David to be his date for a party to make him look good.moreless
    • Chinese Baby
      Chinese Baby
      Episode 4
      A TV diva scores a stint in rehab - and a ton of free press - after Mike cooks up a shady way for her to lose weight; Paul eyes up Lindsay's newly adopted baby as the perfect gift for IBS's most spoiled star.
    • Death Be Not Pre-Empted
      Red goes gunning for some killer ratings by airing the execution of a serial killer (Ted McGinley), who has plans of his own for a final meal with IBS's Lori Loughlin.
    • The Art of Groveling
      David's integrity gets a workout after Red orders him to do whatever it takes to woo a demanding John Ritter to IBS. Meanwhile, Mike winds up in need of medical attention after he tries to one-up David by contacting Ritter's physician.
    • Pilot
      Episode 1
      Set at the fictional IBS network, the pilot follows new exec David Weiss as he tries to maintain his Midwestern values amid the backstage backstabbing of his more callow colleagues. But as they all eye up the top spot held by the network's nervous president, David accidentally triggers an industry scandal by bedding IBS's biggest star. Soon David realizes that it's his job that may be up for grabs...until a little thing called publicity turns his mistake into a ratings miracle.moreless
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