Season 8 Episode 2

A Beam of Sunshine

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jul 08, 2012 on Showtime

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  • Skies Are Grey

    Nancy, after spending two and a half months in intensive care, has become more agreeable and has her eyes set on release but the doctors wont' let her until she manages to climb a flight of stairs all by herself. Silas, still in the mix of all things naughty, plays a dominatrix-type role to a woman we haven't met before and teaches her to "behave" while he's on the phone with her. Andy and Jill continue their sordid affair but her ex-husband shows up having found inner peace and forgiveness and according to her kids she always runs off from him and goes back when he crawls to her as he is stability for her. Andy panics at this and interrupts Jill's husbands proposal in the middle of an expensive dinner while he reads off a particularly blandly written apology/acceptance note to Jill. Andy signals to Jill that he is there and they end up having sex in the bathroom and her husband walks in and says that he wasted the last few months of his life learning inner peace and harmony and storms out. Shane makes headway in the investigation of "Whodunnit?" to Nancy and the episode ends with him looking at Scottson Jr.'s social networking page which is an indicator that he may start hunting him down now. Also Nancy's shakedown of the clown who sold expensive lollipop "product" and he doesn't know who she is connected to and tries to threaten her. But she makes him promise to always give product to ill people for free and regular charges to everyone else. Hope this starts to go somewhere cuz a it seems a lot like a limbo episode to show Nancy's new perspective although it was good to see Stevie again.
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