Season 5 Episode 8

A Distinctive Horn

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jul 27, 2009 on Showtime

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  • Esteban refuses to put his name on the baby's birth certificate. Andy goes on a date with Nancy's obstetrician and gets dissed. Celia steals Doug and Silas' weed so she can use it to get rid of her cosmetics.

    I remember when Weeds used to be one of my favorite shows, but last season was a dissapointment and this year is even worse. All of the characters I loved so much in the first three seasons have become ridiculous, despicable caricatures with no apparent redeeming qualities. Why do the shows creators think that I should be interested in tuning in each week just to see how big of a douchebag Nancy, Andy, Doug, Celia and Dean can be. Doug is the saddest, because he used to be one of my favorites, and now the only one I hate more is Celia! I keep waiting for some reason to like these characters again, but 8 episodes in I'm giving up. I used to look forward with great anticipation each week to the new episodes, but now I doubt I will tune in for the rest of the season.
  • Above average.

    "What did you want to be when you were a kid?
    I wanted to be a dog."

    Good episode of Weeds, and most likely one of the best of this summer season. I can't recall the last time I laughed as hard as I did when the discussion of slamming Doug's man parts into a cabinet came up. These crazy, outrageous scenarios that you do not get to see on broadcast TV are what make this show entertaining and this was a genuine lol moment.

    Andy had a few funny lines, as did Nancy, and I even got a few chuckles from Alanis Morissette's character. Hopefully she sticks around because she grew on me after her performance here.
  • To really summarize - Andy gets a shave, Lupita returns, and Celia is now selling pot

    Weeds possibly disappointed me in the laughs department, but I appreciate the fact that the story is getting somewhere. And of course, we have some old faces coming back and some new dynamics experimented. I was never a fan of Lupita in the first place. She did give us a few funny moments in the first 2 seasons, and her return can only signify two things. One, she is going to be Celia#2, who will annoy us by blackmailing Nancy, or two, the writers are so out of material that they are looking to do something like the older seasons. And as we can see, the newer bunch is getting out of the spotlight and the older bunch - Nancy, Celia, Doug, Andy, Shane, Silas, and Dean are getting more screen time. As I mentioned- comedy-wise, we didn't see much. Apart from Doug slamming his johnson against the drawer and asking for a Jewish priest for medical advice, nothing was really funny. Celia continues to annoy us with her pyramid marketing storyline. And I am looking for a good weed storyline that might save her in the coming episodes. If that doesn't work, we have some serious killing to do.
  • Andy goes on a date with Audra, Dean helps Doug & Silas with their pot business, but then betrays them by giving the pot to Celia. A familiar face returns, Nancy deals with the new baby, and she finally pushes Esteban out of her life.

    Wow, is really all I have to say. Best episode of the season! Intense, funny, and all-around awesome. Esteban is the bad guy, now, and the season is starting to run to a clear finish. Bringing Lupita back is probably the smartest decision they've done all season. Either that or Jill. Andy/Audra was hilarious, as Audra simply shut him down. I love Andy becoming the father, even though I'm not a Nancy/Andy shipper. This is a great way for Andy to become more responsible and less of an annoying dick. Celia was amazing this episode, as was Dean. I forgot how funny he could be. Celia is returning to her Season 1/2 ways; aka, being awesome.

    I don't really have much to say except that this episode was one of my favorites, and I cannot till next week. I'm really looking forward to a new "Weeds" :)
  • Nancy having been spirited away to give birth safely with witnesses, confronts Esteban whose political ambitions cause him to decline to have his name as father on the birth certificate. Nancy calls on Andy to become the official father.

    Nobody seems to have picked up on how truly vile this episode is - and I am a big fan of the show. I knew as soon as a male baby was born the show was going to fall into the usual trap of having to deal with the circumcision 'problem'.

    The poor kid, having been born to a non-Jewish mother [not sure Nancy converted for her first marraige, but she isn't ethnically a Jew] and a non-Jewish father, finds himself in a stupid adult-behaviour situation of being forced into a religion which 'demands' his penis be altered without his consent. The casualness of Nancy agreeing to this and the mock-horror of Andy immediately wanting to check out the penis in question is thoroughly chilling and the bris sequence itself with a couple of mild cries from the baby again reinforcing the myth that this is a minor, painless business. The whole scenario is actually an example of child and human rights abuse. How refreshing the episode could have been if Nancy had instead showed a but of gumption and brains and just said NO! At least there was one voice of dissent from the younger brother calling it a barbaric ritual that reduces pleasure.