Season 7 Episode 4

A Hole In Her Niqab

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jul 18, 2011 on Showtime

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  • Nancy and Silas get back into dealing.

    Besides the truly terrible plot twist in the final few minutes involving a hole in an Afghani woman's niqab and some explosives, I would say that this was a pretty good episode of Weeds. And that's even counting some of the incredibly stupid and goofy ideas the show came up with.

    Nancy is able to get a job at Doug's work as an assistant and plans to use the money in order to help win back her son from her sister. Helping her do so is her lawyer, played by Martin Short. Short already proved he can do good drama roles in "Damages," so seeing him back in a comedic role (albeit a dry type of humor) is cool. Short's character didn't get much to do here although I like how strange Short plays him. Aidan Quinn also guests as the CEO of Nancy's workplace, although I'm not sure what his point is at the moment.

    As for the rest of the Botwin's, Andy is still seeing his new artist girlfriend. This is one of the stupid/goofy ideas I mentioned earlier. His girlfriend happens to have an older husband dying of cancer, so they live a poly amorous lifestyle. There were some funny reactions from Andy, particularly when he's looking for the doorknob in the room, but for the most part, it doesn't work as well. The woman and her husband are very bland, one-dimensional characters.

    I was most interested this week in the relationship between Nancy, Silas and Shane. Last week surprised me with Silas standing up to his mother. This week, we get a mini power struggle between them as Silas attempts to be an equal in the business while Nancy tries to stay in charge and get her way, Both of them prove how clever they are at dealing; I enjoyed watching Silas slither his way into dozens of new clients via free sampling and also seeing Nancy get rid of competition by printing out a dealer's picture with the words "Known Drug Dealer" on it (hearing Silas yell "Freeze! DEA!" to see the dealer's reaction was pretty funny too).

    Sure, it wasn't the best episode of "Weeds." But it was certainly enjoyable. Also, if anybody wants to know why I didn't mention Doug, it's because of how dumb his plot was. He takes steroids and his "thing" shrinks. Whoop-dee-doo.
  • 704

    This was probably the most inappropriate episode of Weeds in some time (and that is saying something.) You had Doug measuring his penis Andy participating in a weird open relationship with a woman, but it worked and had a lot of funny moments throughout the half hour. If you have morals you probably really hate this show, but thankfully I don't so I can enjoy it. I still think the show needs a stronger season long arc better than Nancy just trying to find a way to deal again, but if the stand alone episodes work then I suppose it is not that crucial a problem. This was a fine stand alone episode tonight with a lot of chuckles produced.
  • A Hole In Her Niqab

    A Hole In Her Niqab was a great and entertaining episode of Weeds. I really enjoyed watching this hilarious episode as Nancy tried to work for the firm Doug just started at, her kids are doing crazy things and Uncle Andy is the supportive enabler now. There were some great scenes, and the new characters were fun. I really like Jill's twins and how they turned out so far. I really do enjoy these episode though some of the circumstances are beyond most common realities and probabilities. I really look forward to watching how New York City works out for every one. It looks like an amazing season is in store. I look forward to watching the next episode of Weeds!!!!!!!
  • Good episode

    For the record: I have a serious problem with the racist depiction of Afghanis in this episode. First off, Weeds is getting back on track with Nancy getting a job at Doug's place of work now. Nancy is also pressured into paying for a Waldorf education for Stevie by week's end or else he won't be able to get in and will hate her and we get to see the effects of teenage years on her sister's two daughters, one pep and one all emo. Silas begins to move Nancy's product by giving it away for free with promise of future money while Nancy defames the building drug dealer that Doug and everyone else buys from by spreading a Xerox with his picture on it saying he's a known drug dealer. Some dude asks her out in the copy room inappropriately and Andy deals with the polyamorous relationship of his new friend and her husband and adjusting to their lifestyle. Shane takes a student loan and to pay Nancy back for going to jail remodels part of the flat to figures of her Agrestic room to amend for her going to jail for him. Nancy is in dismay when her connection can no longer get product and must wait a month. The scene is Afghanistan with one man talking of his sexual exploits by cutting a hole in his wife's sister's niqab is racist and defamatory as his wife ultimately blows herself, him and his friend up in a jealous rage. Weeds has been borderline racist for many a time since season 1 with Haylia and Conrad but this is seriously over the line. Weeds, we need to shake you until you understand that blatantly racist humor is not funny especially when it involves an already marginalized population of people who have a hard enough public image without having stereotypes thrown about in our media. Anyway beyond that Weeds is fine with all the other stuff.