Season 2 Episode 4

A.K.A. The Plant

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Sep 04, 2006 on Showtime
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Nancy takes on an alias to help Conrad set up the grow house. Isabelle gets approached to be a model. Interesting things happen to Celia while she's on the campaign trail. Shane makes an attempt to fit in at his school. Andy takes Shane to a massage parlor. Shane gets a surprise and Silas has one as well.moreless

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  • Simply hilarious! Didn't expected that.

    I never expected to see a Québécois driver license on an American TV show. When I saw it, I thought: "Am I still on 'Weeds'?!" as we don't see often Québécois things on American shows. That was one of the greatest episodes! And I didn't expect this name would be used in other episodes. I thought it was only for one episode, but that's great. One thing is sure, if business is not good anymore in Agrestic, she will be able to sell her weed in Québec! ;-) And Mary-Louise's acting was so nice (like when she moved her eyes while trying to made accept her IDs for electricity)! Keep on the good work, Lacy Laplante!moreless
  • Ready to Grow: A Lacy Laplante Story

    As the grow house gets set up for business Nancy assumes a new identity named Lacy Laplante and gets her paperwork for electricity in the house all ready to go. Dean gets fired from his law firm and takes Conrad up on his punching offer. Celia gets drunk, Doug and Andy smoke from a huka and Haylia waits for her gentleman caller to call on her again. Silas pokes a hole in his relationship and Shane gets a rite of passage with the help of Andy who has a hot date with his rabbinical school teacher and Nancy and Peter go to a shootin' range before he goes undercover for week. Things are really getting good this season as business moves forward.moreless
  • This is a pivotal episode where Nancy as "Lacey Laplante" becomes almost unstoppable in her business.

    In this episode Nancy's character, whom has taken on the alias of Lacey Laplante, to help establish fake electricity accounts, is threatened in her new neighbourhood by Armenians in the same trade.

    If Nancy is scared she does not let, 'Lacey Laplante' informs the establishment crew to keep on setting up and Conrad thinks she has lost her mind. He does not understand how she can be so confident with this very real dangerous threat in sight. "Lacey" tells Conrad she will just take care of it.

    In this episode Andy takes his kooky 'parenting' lessons with Shane just a step to far in a whorehouse!

    On a sad note in the episode, Silas, who has really emotionally attached himself to Megan, discovers to his joy that she is pregnant. You can tell immediately this is not going to be a happy ending for Silas, who is very very attached to Megan, and we saw in earlier episodes Silas pin pricking condoms in the hope of the mishap.

    This is an extremley well written episode, the character development is awesome as well as the storylines... in the final scenes its leaves you wanting more.moreless
  • Nancy becomes a small business partner with Conrad, but is the grow house in the wrong area!Celia plods around on the campaign trail and Isabelle gets the modelling contract. Shane and Silas get into troubles of sorts.moreless

    Nancy gets a fake ID in the name of Lacy LaPlante, this is done in order to get the lease on the grow house, there was a little tension to start with when the ID was being inspected, but when she comes out with the line that she's "canadian", the official just shruggs and says, oh that explains it, this made I laugh, it's the hidden messages regarding this that makes it so funny.

    Then as they are setting up the grow house, they get a welcome to the block by a rival grow house dealer, you can smell that this is going to lead in a bit of a pickle for somebody. But I don't really think in that situation there would have been a warning, but it was good to see Nancy and Conrad standing their ground, as they have alot riding on this venture, also there is the additional responcibility she has with her kids etc.

    Okay the thing with the masterbation scene was really funny last week, but i think that the writers were on some weed of their own when they went ahead with Shane visiting a massage parlour with Andy, that was just wrong, which hopefully won't be repeated. But in the same breathe, him telling his mates about it to prove that he's the man, was a typical approach that all boys can relate too at some stage, so in theory, that aspect was done very well.

    Silus and Megan discover that Megan is pregnant, Silus is over the moon as this was his sad plan all along, Megan wants to tell her folks alone, Silas awaits for news that she has done so, but still sends her all sorts of weird and wonderful babies names, but she just deletes them all. Then the tear on her pillow just sums up the Celia and Isabelle at the model shoot, with Isabelle getting her audition, but prior to that her telling her mom that she wanted it, Celia's response was, get a serious eating disorder and then we can talk properly, was not harsh at her daughter, but more at the modelling industry in general with their micro-sized zero models.moreless
  • The competition becomes aware of Nancy's intentions

    I liked Nancy's storyline as much as I hated Silas' storyline.

    The whole Lacey LaPlante identity was hilarious as was her and new hubbie Peter visiting the shooting range. It just served to make her more confident about things. When she ignored the 'friendly' warning of the competition in the new neighborhood, I couldn't help but wonder whether she'll use her DEA contact to get rid of the competition.

    As I mentioned in ealier reviews, I do not like the Silas storyline at all. I hope he grows up, soon!

    I'm unsure about the Andy - Shane storyline. After last week's hilarious lecture, this takes it to a whole different level...moreless
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    • Andy: If you want me to do manual labor, don't expect me to be lucid.

    • Andy: Things slowing down with the wife?
      Doug: Oh it used to be wild. Intense. But how do you ask the woman who makes your kids lunches to suck your balls and spread her ass open for you like a geometry compass? How, Andy? How?
      Andy: I don't like this game anymore.

    • Andy: Am I getting mixed messages here, or?
      Yael: Look, you're adorable, but I'm not attracted to you. Sorry.
      Andy: Are you a chubby chaser or something?
      Yael: No, it's just-I need a man. Someone big and strong. Someone who can grow a beard. You're pretty, and I could flip you like a pancake. You'll ask permission instead of just slamming me up against a wall and fucking me until I cum like a volcano. But we can still be friends, right?

    • Lane: It's your daughter. She's absolutely perfect.
      Celia: For what?
      Lane: Modelling.
      Celia: Ok, well that's just cruel. Come on Isabelle. Step away from the crazy person.

    • Nancy: What's going on?
      Silas: Megan's pregnant, and we're keeping it.

    • Conrad: We are good to grow.

    • Isabelle: Mom I want to be a model.
      Celia: Get an eating disorder and then we'll talk.

  • NOTES (3)


    • Conrad: ...there are times, when our posse seems like the f***in' bad news drug dealers.

      Possible reference to the 1976 film 'The Bad News Bears' about a Little League baseball team comprised of kids with minimal athletic ability who are coached by a former minor league baseball player.

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