Season 5 Episode 6

A Modest Proposal

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jul 13, 2009 on Showtime

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  • finnally this season gets to the point.

    this episode finnally makes this season get into really big storylines. the episode goes six months into the future where the family has bassiccally split up. nancy and shane moved in with esteban where nancy is now very pregnant which means that the issue of her getting an abortion is off the table. silas, doug, andy, and celia are still all living at the house where andy has grown a creepy rapist beard that i found pretty funny. esteban proposes to nancy, and nancy accepts his proposal. shane is hanging around enouncio alot until shane witnesses him beat the crap out of a golfer with his own golf club. celia is sadly still alive continuing to get more pathetic basiccally just takes a ride with a rich woman for her whole boring story. the most interesting story is when doug knocks out the cop whos taking business away from their pot shop. the episode ends with some mystery woman (porbably estebans wife) saying something in spanish to esteban, then esteban suddenly calls off the wedding. in conclusion i have a message to the writers of weeds. please kill off celia, nobody cares for her anymore and shes making your show more and more pathetic.