Season 5 Episode 6

A Modest Proposal

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jul 13, 2009 on Showtime

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  • Weeds jumps ahead six months, a seemingly good move, but all we get is a mix of set-ups, bad cliffhangers and plot lines we no longer care about.

    Weeds, this season, started off terribly, then found its footing and was fairly decent. Now, again, Weeds has buried itself - as they've unsuccessfully jumped ahead six months from their previous episode.

    Most disappointing had to be Andy - yes, I understand Nancy broke his heart and all that crap, but a homeless beard? Wasting 150K on complete sh*t? No personality?! This isn't Andy, and he was just depressing to watch and wasn't interesting at all. Why is Weeds' best character getting terrible storylines this season? The fling with the Judah-lover was creepy and weird.

    Nancy and Esteban aren't interesting in the slightest. I liked him last season but its time for Esteban to go. I'm sick of him and I'm sick of her new Mexican world - she doesn't even have associations with Weed anymore?! This episode's plot was bland, mainly because you knew the proposal wouldn't last, and the fact he called off the proposal was a weak and predictable cliffhanger.

    What saved this episode? Considering Silas is the only one doing anything with weed, I'd say he and Doug's store is where most/all of the laughs came. Silas has developed into a likable, interesting character. The cop, however, could stand to go.

    Celia had a set-up episode and there was comedy here and there, so I'm optimistic about her cosmetics future. All in all though, Weeds has to pick it up! So far, this simply isn't Weeds quality!
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