Season 6 Episode 6

A Shoe for a Shoe

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Sep 27, 2010 on Showtime

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    A very enjoyable episode of Weeds here, when they got serious. I have found that since the show has moved to a much darker and more dramatic tone in the past few seasons that when they have these dramatic moments it is actually better than before. However, the comedy is still a bit low. For every scene that has you on the edge of the seat like the dueling guns under the table in the diner, there is one that is so horribly unfunny and head scratchingly bad.

    But this had me hooked. Excellent job by Jenji Kohan and company here.
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    This episode, shoe for a shoe, was entertaining. The Newmans get mixed up in all types of trouble, but end up getting out of it alive. Its interesting to see how each character is developing and reacting to the environment around them and situations they are put into. I think that this will tie up the Esteban and Mexico thing. I can't wait to find out what the Newmans will do next, and where they will go. I felt bad for Doug who just escaped execution, as he was starving and not allowed to eat. He really plays his part well. I wonder what will happen with him now too.
  • Please, please, please be over with the Estaban plot.

    The final five minutes or so of this episode gave me renewed hope at the potential Weeds has to redeem the last few years. The final scene was superb, featured some great acting from Mary-Louise Parker and, when paired with last week's episode, this episode may be my favorite of this season so far.

    Nancy spends the entire episode attempting to get Shane back, and as a result, we get twenty-four minutes of Nancy vs. Cesar and Ignacio. I groaned when I saw Nancy wielding her crossbow, running around and shooting people in the leg and freaking out like she has the past few seasons. However, it all made sense in the end when she calls Estaban and leaves the message about the Mama lion protecting her cubs no matter what. Say what you will about the last few seasons of Weeds, but to make it feel less of a waste, I can chalk it up to being a family getting in WAY over their heads and the mother doing whatever she can to get herself away from it.

    As usual, there were some hilarious moments. Ignacio, for being a completely insane gangster, provides some of the best laughs, and watching him and an equally psychotic Shane try to top one another while eating a sandwich was great. Doug and Andy were great as well, and I'd like to see more Silas moments. Despite her character going WAY over the top sometimes, Mary-Louise Parker continues to prove to be one of TV's best actresses.

    The way the episode ends, I'm assuming the show is going to go as far away from Mexico as possible and try to start over. The earlier season 6 episodes were quite promising as Nancy tried to get back into the drug business, but the whole Estaban business screwed it up again. Let's hope the show can get back on track again.
  • No More Spanish: A Newman Family Complication

    Nancy calms the situation after Shane being captured by Ignacio and Cesar and manages to make a plan where she trades Stevie for Shane. She drops Silas and Andy off at a restaurant where Ignacio and Doug and Shane are conveniently as well. Andy and Ignacio (who has been utilized well this season with his complex of not so valuing human life that much particularly his story about his stepfather who sold hats) have a manliness contest of what they can eat/drink. Nancy pays a visit to Cesar with a few surprises and gets the upper hand. In the end Shane is rescued and Ignacio has let Shane who is almost like a son to him. I like the direction of Nancy doing what it takes to conquer her foes and get her family back on the road again. Solid stuff, keep it up. And now we can put the Esteban story behind us. Ok those of you who hated Season 5 and stopped watching come on out, it's good again!