Season 6 Episode 6

A Shoe for a Shoe

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Sep 27, 2010 on Showtime

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  • No More Spanish: A Newman Family Complication

    Nancy calms the situation after Shane being captured by Ignacio and Cesar and manages to make a plan where she trades Stevie for Shane. She drops Silas and Andy off at a restaurant where Ignacio and Doug and Shane are conveniently as well. Andy and Ignacio (who has been utilized well this season with his complex of not so valuing human life that much particularly his story about his stepfather who sold hats) have a manliness contest of what they can eat/drink. Nancy pays a visit to Cesar with a few surprises and gets the upper hand. In the end Shane is rescued and Ignacio has let Shane who is almost like a son to him. I like the direction of Nancy doing what it takes to conquer her foes and get her family back on the road again. Solid stuff, keep it up. And now we can put the Esteban story behind us. Ok those of you who hated Season 5 and stopped watching come on out, it's good again!