Season 8 Episode 6

Allosaurus Crush Castle

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Aug 05, 2012 on Showtime

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  • Allosaurus Crush Castle

    This episode had a lot of the most common Weeds elements in it: some good lines, some edginess, and even an annoying guest star in that annoying guy from The Big Bang Theory (although that statement doesn't really clear things up).

    Still, it was another pretty solid Season 8 ep.
  • All Grown Up

    Nancy makes a new friend at the soccer field of Stevie's games with an unkind kid with a connected father. She agrees to let them have a play-date in exchange for a recommendation for a sales position at his pharmaceutical company. Her visiting his office and finding out that one of their low tier products is synthetic marijuana is a little bit on the nose but speaks to the poetry of all roads of income for Nancy revolving around basically the same thing. Silas tries to get his plants back from RJ who is in an institution and he had apparently gone off of his meds when he stole them and offered oral sex to Silas last episode but now he's back on them. He tells Silas the plants are in a closet in his parents' house. Silas dresses all in black to rob the house but when he breaks in the front door he is intruding on a surprise birthday party where he is presumed to be a stripper and so he awkwardly, and hilariously, plays along to not get them thinking he was there to rob the place and dances for the happy 50 year old woman whose birthday it is, way to take one for the team bro. Jill reveals that she's pregnant however they don't know if it's Doug's or Andy's and they argue about it. Normally the pregnancy card is a cheap "we're going into serious territory causing characters to grow up a bit" storylines and while it felt a little forced it handled itself a lot better than a lot of other Weeds storylines about getting Andy to grow up have gone over. For the first time I believe he wants to settle down, get a job obviously, and support his/Doug's kid no matter what. Shane continues his police academy training and furthers his relationship with Andrea. Nancy's honest talk about growing up difficult with the young obnoxious son of Pharmaceutical guy was a nice touch to the episode. Nancy not so much laying down the law so much as telling it how it is was a nice bit of honesty that isn't exactly commonplace for her character. Especially since Nancy is such a self-serving nympho at times she is ultimately a good person who wants the best for her family. She gets the job at the company thanks to her good deed and in an unexpected twist with Silas unable to continue his growing without plants or seeds gets a job there via recommendation as well. Should be fun with groundwork set for another satire of American culture, this time Pharmaceutical Companies, and while they're not the Wire in terms of quality, or subtle, Weeds has a distinguished unabashed adorable bull in a china shop appeal to it that can't help but make you smile.
  • Allosaurus Crush Castle

    Allosaurus Crush Castle was a perfect episode of Weeds and I really enjoyed watching because there was some interesting character developments, mixed feelings, and surprising new opportunities. It was funny to watch Andy and Doug discuss who is the father of Jill's baby. I also liked Nancy's new friend. When she watched his kid over night to play with Stevie the outcome was hilarious. The ending was awesome and a tribute the growth of Weeds!!!!!!!!!