Season 7 Episode 1


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jun 27, 2011 on Showtime

Episode Recap

Three years after being arrested at the airport, Nancy attends a hearing about an early release from prison. Two of the board members start an argument when one of them realizes Nancy is not yet eligible for parole, and another one counters they were asked to rule Nancy's case now. Nancy wants to know who asked, but they ignore her question. They tell Nancy she will be released to a halfway house to serve the rest of her sentence. Nancy is shocked because she expected to be sent to witness relocation and asks for Agent Lipschitz. However, the board members adjourn the hearing and send Nancy to her cell. When Nancy arrives in her cell, she fills her cellmate Zoya in while she packs her stuff. Nancy fears Esteban will find her right away at the halfway house and murder her. Zoya hugs Nancy to calm her and whispers in Russian in Nancy's ear that she loves her and that she means everything to her. Nancy answers she does too, and the two start kissing while the other inmates start yelling until the guard arrives to get Nancy. Before Nancy leaves, Zoya holds her back to give her oven mitts and asks her to make plans for herself and for the two of them. In Russian she adds: "Those mitts are the keys to our future." On the way out, Nancy clatches those mitts to her breast. The guard wants to comfort her and says maybe Zoya will be released soon too, but Nancy replies Zoya killed her boyfriend by setting him on fire and smiles. Nancy leaves the prison just when the bus arrives to take her to the halfway house. In Copenhagen, Denmark, Shane's girlfriend Renata throws him out of her apartment because he doesn't want to have a baby with her. When he leaves, he walks past a commercial poster that features his brother who has become a successful model being the face of a flower water. Meanwhile, an overtired Silas gets his makeup done, but his boss sends him home because of his puffy eyes and a huge spot on his chin. Andy guides to a group of tourists on bikes and welcomes them to Fristaden Christiania, the Free State of Christiania, a world-famous pusher street where cannabis was openly traded while Doug hands out shirts and wienerbrods. Andy continues that the government closed the drug stands in 2004 and they were replaced by tables and recommends his friend Thorben if they decide to support the soft drug trade. He sends them away to meet again in 15 minutes to continue their tour and warns them not to wander off to the side streets. Andy and Doug sit down and Andy asks about Carol from Cleveland, but Doug broke up with her because she was too needy. Andy tries to convince Doug to settle down with a Danish girl, and gives himself as an example who is called "fun bike Andy," but Doug makes him aware that the people are calling him bi-Andy instead. Andy hopes it won't impact his campaign, he doesn't only has his "Wonderful Wonderful Tours," he also wants to become the leader of Christiania. Nancy arrives in New York. At the halfway house, Agent Lipschitz already awaits her. She is angry for not getting witness protection and Lipschitz explains it's no longer necessary since Esteban's body was found in a corner of the prison yard. He arranged for her to be released from prison and send to this halfway house to thank her for helping him closing the Zuazo case and disbanding the Reyes drug cartel. He adds she made his career. When she discovers her stuff in a corner, she quickly changes into another dress while Agent Lipschitz hands her some papers she has to sign to terminate the deal she made with the FBI. He wishes her good luck with the rest of her life and advises her to stay out of trouble. When he leaves, Ed Watson, Nancy's halfway house counselor comes in. Ed gives Nancy a tour through the house and makes her aware of the rules. When Nancy realizes she missed lunch, and asks to go outside to get something to eat. Ed refuses at first, but Nancy's sadness makes him change his mind and he gives her two hours. Outside, Nancy finds an internet cafe and calls her sister Jill who has taken care of Stevie for the past three years. She explains to Jill who is not pleased to see her out of prison that she moved to a halfway house in New York and begs her not to tell anyone about it until she has settled and get herself together. She wants to see Stevie, but Jill is reluctant and tells her they have to talk about it first. When Jill leaves the computer to look after her daughters, Stevie appears on the screen and greets his "Aunt Nancy." When she tries to talk to him, Jill's husband Scott takes Stevie back to the movie he was watching. Jill comes back Nancy asks her what her son called her, and Jill replies "Aunt Nancy" and adds they show him her picture. Then she ends the video session, leaving Nancy speechless in front of the computer. Jill calls Shane and the others to inform them that Nancy is out of prison. Shane wants to buy a plane ticket right away, the others wonder why Nancy didn't tell them she was released. Nancy takes a sauna. Another woman is in the sauna and Nancy tries to convince her to step out for a moment. The woman feels no need to do so, so Nancy takes the oven mitts she got from Zoya and starts turning the hot stones around until she finds what she was looking for: a key attached to the back of one of them. In Copenhagen, Shane packs his stuff to leave for his flight. Andy wonders if he should join Shane. He comes to the conclusion that he should stay because of his campaign. When he adds that his opponent just pulled ahead by 20 points and Shane takes out the ticket he purchased for Andy and the one he got for Doug. Silas comes into the room and asks them to let him get some sleep for his shoot the next morning. Andy replies he won't go to the shoot since they are leaving for America and asks Shane to give Silas his ticket. However, Shane didn't buy a ticket for Silas because he figured Silas wouldn't want to go with them anyways and that he is better off in Copenhagen. Back in New York, Nancy detaches the key from the stone and opens the trunk of an old rusty car. Inside the trunk she finds a trolley bag which is filled with guns and hand grenades. Carefully, she takes the bag out of the trunk and locks it again. When she rolls the trolley bag over a ground sill, something inside clashes and she freezes. Nothing happens, so she takes the bag off the ground and carries it away.
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