Season 7 Episode 1


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jun 27, 2011 on Showtime

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  • Exactly what I was expecting for a new season of Weeds

    I know what you guys will say, this episode was not perfect, which I agree, but it was the closest we could have gotten, to a fresh renewal of the series.

    Nancy's lesbian experience was delightful. Nancy was being Nancy: incredibly unpredictable and that is why we love her so much. Congratulations to Mary-Louise Parker for being such an amazing good actress.

    Then, we see what the guys are now in Copenhagen, Shane had an affair with a girl that performs with him with marionettes, Silas is some kind of model, Andy is a tour guide that is running for President (?) and Doug... is smoking.

    When the four of them learn that Nancy is out of prison, Shane buys tickets for everybody but Silas (which I thought was brilliant as Silas is always complaining that he is better without Nancy) and the moment where Andy is being all confused thinking if he should go or not is just excellent.

    In my opinion, the only moment that did not get me was the last moments where we see a possible future storyline where we could see a Nancy selling weapons (which I do not think would go well with her character). Except that, the show is going in a new direction, a better direction.