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Season 3 Episode 5

Bill Sussman

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Sep 10, 2007 on Showtime
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Episode Summary

After going AWOL from the military Andy turns up in camouflage. The city council works with Sullivan. Shane goes to summer school in Majestic. Nancy's involvement with U-Turn becomes more entrenched and Silas has business ideas. Sullivan asks Nancy to hold a cocktail party.

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  • Solving a Murder with Bill Sussman

    Andy escapes back to Agrestic while Nancy drives Marvin to the hospital after he is the victim of a drive by and getting shot in the butt. U Turn psychotically over enjoys himself doing a revenge drive by but happily Silas begins delivering product for Nancy under the name "Judah" meaning that they will soon get out of the hole. Doug accepts a golf membership as voting bribery from Sullivan and Celia accepts a house. Andy under the new name Bill Sussman and a bad wig seeks to distance himself from the army once and for all. Good episode and a great balance of drama and dark comedy that Weeds is good at.moreless
  • This episodes reverts back to some dark humour that was very prevailing during the first series. Andy goes AWOL, via Doug's, who wants to send the video footage to his college buddies. The council meeting for the sewer line goes ahead.moreless

    The council meeting goes ahead to vote on the sewer project, they put it to the vote, the eco-warrior aspect was brilliantly played out, then of course they vote on it, of course the members votes have been purchased for some small items, such as golf membership or a house.

    Nancy ends up driving for u-turn, in order to get one of his crew to a doctors, but it really is as a driver in a drive-by revenge shooting of some fellow drug dealers. It was funny to see, a drive-by done with a hybrid car, now that has got to be the first. Silas is shifting quite a bit in order to help out, as his community service means he only has to sign in and then go to where he is allocated, unchecked. Nancy gets a delivery of heroine to look after, as if she's got any choice in the matter.

    Andy, Doug and Dean meet up with the army and the lawyer, well they don't as they weren't there, which basically gives Andy his life back as he is discharged from the Army, but the General was an absolute magnificent character, total OTT lines and acting that was purely magnificent.

    Shane was enrolled into a church summer school plan, to keep him off the streets and away from temptation of drugs!!!! He starts the course off quite well when there is a murder mystery solving puzzle, which starts out well, has a really dark ending, but its getting back to raising awareness of these topics but with the use of dark humour.moreless
  • Nancy is getting deeper and deeper into drug territory including gang wars.

    Hmmm, I'm not sure I like the main storyline in this episode. Nancy getting involved with heavy drugs seems to take the comedy out of this comedy and turn it into a drama. It seemed like Heylia knew more about Marvin getting shot than she let on. Did she start this gang war to get rid of U-turn?? She may not know nor care that Nancy's bang in the middle, but Conrad will, or won't he?

    Silas aka Judah seems to be a successful dealer of weed, bringing in lots of money and Nancy has seemingly given up on stopping him from dealing.

    Andy's running from the army stops when he is effectively bought off and gets a discharge in return for not knowing about his buddy's accident.

    Shane's school seems nice but turns out to be heavily influenced by religion...moreless
  • Nancy winds up in a drive by with U-Turn, Silas turns out to be good at the family business and Andy goes AWOL.

    This was a really funny episode. It reminded me of the first season which was definitely a good thing in this case. Andy or shall I say 'Bill Sussman" in the wig was really so hilarious! I loved him at Sanjay's and Sanjay translating to his parents was great! I am finally starting to come around to Silas, they made him less of a useless, worthless character this season which is very good as far as I'm concerned. I almost died when the teacher came up with the abortion as the murder mystery thing in the classroom, it was so wrong and so funny. I am glad they are putting the comedy element back into the show.moreless
  • Another fantastic season 3 episode.

    This is by far the best season yet. The show's going in an amazing direction, with absolutely nothing left to desire.

    This episode was a great example of why s3 is so great. Fast moving plot, with a bunch of funnies.

    Nancy's having more troubles than ever. The focus on Celia lessened a bit, but that's not a problem.

    The two best moments for me:

    -- whole Andy storyline. That was crazy good.

    -- Drive-by driven by Nancy. Hilarious. These writers are really creative.

    There isnt' really much to review when it comes to comedy. It was funny, it lacked clichés, everything was rightly placed.

    Overall, a fantastic episode, and maintaining the season 3 quality.moreless
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Patricia Harris Smith


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