Season 6 Episode 5


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Sep 20, 2010 on Showtime

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  • Collision Course: A Newman Family Explosion

    After Nancy and Andy emerge from the house of her hemp dealer they run into a pair of cops who say that the van is stolen and has many parking violation and they deny it's theirs. Now that they can't use it and Cesar and Ignacio are on their tale after an unfortunate call from Onstar to Shane's old phone they run for the hills but what made the episode really stand out was the dynamic between Andy and Nancy coming to a head at last ever since their fateful bathtub scene from Season 4 and this episode proves that Weeds is back as all the storylines collide together at once causing in one of the best episodes of Weeds that has been thrown down in a long time and with a fresh Season 7 renewal this may be the evidence that we need to prove that Weeds still has some gas in the tank.
  • 405

    This episode was on the fast track to being another boring half hour of television, and then the rival maid showed up. She had a fight with Nancy, both physical and verbal and it was quite the scene to watch. Well-done, very well-done, although I would have liked to see the actual clash of the help.

    And things continued to get better as Esteban's henchmen found Nancy and the other maid and her husband crashed her hotel room too. Things are getting interesting on Weeds, but the show needs to focus on being consistently good from start to finish. It hasn't done that in an episode in a long time.
  • An episode that, unfortunately, returns to the Season 4/5 plots but also has plenty of hilarious moments and a chaotic ending that makes up for it all.

    Weeds will never be considered a realistic show. Perhaps Season 1 had more of a genuine feeling, but everything after that shows Nancy getting into crazier and crazier situations. The writers seem to have pushed Nancy and her family so far away from what they used to be that there's no hope for returning. This alienates old viewers, but for people like me, who focus on the characters and try to ignore the fact that they're stuck in plots about Mexican governors with drug connections, changing identities and having babies with aforementioned Mexican governors. The characters have always been consistently interesting, and there was some great writing in "Boomerang."

    The cops from the end of last episode seem ready to arrest Andy and Nancy, but with some smooth talking, they're able to get out of trouble. What follows is a long conversation between the two about who holds the power in their particular relationship. Andy has a lot of great lines, pointing out that he's being controlled by the hope that one day, they will be together, and that she has the tendency to ruin all of her relationships. It was filled with some nice lines and some honest moments between the two characters and once again proves why Andy is one of my favorite characters.

    Shane's bad-ass streak has grown a little tiresome for me, but it still allows him to be funny around the gluten-free mothers who want to call Child Services on him. Silas' plot with the college was nice, if only because we were able to see him living a more normal lifestyle that hasn't been seen in this show for a long time. What happened to the days when Silas was dating a deaf girl and got her pregnant? Those felt like real problems, as opposed to him being interested in a governor's heroin addicted daughter in Mexico. The show will randomly have these softer moments, but they're few and far between now. And as for Doug, Cesar and Ignacio, they prove to continue being a form of comic relief in a show that already has a bunch of it. Cesar and Ignacio make an odd duo, especially since they're villains and we're constantly wishing to see more scenes with them, but I'm interested to see how Doug's role in their lives will play out.

    The end was the best part of the episode, with the maid from the hotel, the mothers that Shane met, Child Services and Cesar/Ignacio all converging on Nancy's hotel. It's truly a tense moment, where we have no idea what can happen. There's multiple people who want Nancy's head and it's fun to see how it plays out. The episode was fun for me because how well moments of it were written. As the halfway point approaches, it'll be interesting to see if the show will continue on the route of the first three or stick with the last two.
  • A welcomed bounce-back from an otherwise mild season

    I must agree that this episode did a good job of bringing a focus back to this season. All in all the season started out strong and I believe has just sort of gone out of control in the episodes leading up to 'Boomerang', which helps put a lot of what Nancy & Co. have been doing at a crescendo moment, a real 'how are they going to get out of this one' kinda feel. I must say I haven't really been on board with the whole "Newmans" thing and can only wonder what kind of dismantling of this ruse will continue as we go on. It seems that all of the main characters have changed a lot, which I guess is a good sign of an effective long running series. In conclusion, a welcomed turn back to the show's roots in comparison with where the show seemed to be headed, much like the title of the episode would imply.
  • See Summary

    Boomerang was a great episode. It had plenty of humor, action, and intrigue. All of the characters are at their best, and they play their parts well. It is always fun to watch how the stories unfold. The writers do a great job. I think its so ironic how everything always hits Nancy all at one time. Boomerang! It makes for great entertainment watching how she gets out of the trouble she brings upon herself. The Maid who stole Nancy's money and came to her motel room after their fight was a good character adding to the drama of the episode. I can't wait to see what happens next!!!