Season 3 Episode 11


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Oct 22, 2007 on Showtime

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  • We have more intrigue as a PI is put onto Nancy by the ex wife, Doug gets chewed out by the Cankles lady on the council, Celia is back on the warpath and blaming Nancy. Conrad is anxious and worried at the same time.

    The episode starts where the previous one ended, with Nancy after their sex session, Celia hears Nancy quit her job with Sullivan for Aquatechture, but she also hears that name again when Doug and other councilors can't confront, so she goes off to see the company and find out what is happening there.

    Shane beefs up the security in and around the house with some computer based gadgets, the beefing up works well, as it is soon discovered that someone is watching the house, Nancy goes to confront him, it is the private investigator that Valerie hired to discover where the dirty money was from her ex. The PI shakes down Nancy for 50k and gives her til the following morning. Where she arrives, records the whole conversation, pays him some money but has the recording as proof that he blackmailed her.

    Nancy goes to see Val at work, gets all high and mighty and says stuff about the small amounts here and there. Nancy tells her that there is no small or large amounts, that she should have trusted her rather than the PI, as the PI has all the money, that she was legally entitled to it all and that she no longer needs a friend and not to call her.

    Conrad is at Nancy's house, informs her that Celia had been to Aquatecture, so he rang her mobile and was told that she knew that Nancy has slept with her boyfriend, that she was back dealing and that she would be hearing from her in due course.