Season 7 Episode 9

Cats! Cats! Cats!

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Aug 22, 2011 on Showtime

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  • love weeds

    Love weeds tv show should chech it out your self...
  • Cats! Cats! Cats!


    Cats! Cats! Cats! was a perfect episode of Weeds because it was all kinds of crazy in good ways that make the show so entertaining to watch. Zoya begins taking over the bike shop and wants to buy a bear, Nancy tells Foster about the SEC and he fleas asking her to come with, which was kinda cool. It was kind of stupid of Silas to readily invite a rival to see every thing right away, just because she is a pretty girl. I like how the episode ended with decisions of all the characters coming back to bite them in different ways. Doug was awesome in this episode as he took on the SEC to secure his and Nancy's freedom. Shane got into some trouble trying to help the family. I look forward to watching the next episode of Weeds!!!!!!!!!

  • Silas Vs. Pouncy House


    Zoya attempts to take over the bike shop much to Andy's dismay and he decides that she needs to go. Nancy's boss flees the country after finding out from her that SCC is investigating him and he disappears to an island that starts with a B. Silas goes out with Emma (Pouncy House girl) and makes her a job offer which she accepts graciously and they begin a romantic fling. Nancy faces the fall out of last night and Doug comes to her rescue with information that makes the SCC back off and frees her from the judiciary system once and for all. Shane steals police files on Pouncy House and ends up getting arrested by his mentor. Zoya is driven off when Nancy burns her boss's apartment to the ground to make Zoya think she could be arrested for attempted murder. Hopefully that's the last we see of her. Of course in the end it turns out that Emma is the one running Pouncy House and she wrecks the bike shop and steals their product and computer. A good healthy episode of Weeds, but now that Nancy's free and the business story is over is it only Pouncy House that remains or is there something else that will pop up?

  • 709


    After last week's disappointing episode Weeds had a good show tonight.

    - Doug's speech to the SEC was very funny and that is the right use for the character. Sure, making him a putz is humorous, it is, but when he uses his business sense to get away with illegal stuff it is even better.

    - The scene with Zoya and Andy and the idea of the cat and dog hotel was pure genius. That's another welcome change, having Andy as the instigator of trouble not this odd tendency to want to be legitimate as of late.