Season 2 Episode 6

Crush Girl Love Panic

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Sep 18, 2006 on Showtime
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Conrad is beginning to grow suspicious of Nancy's actions after the bust on the other grow houses in the neighborhood. Shane joins the debate team at school. Celia gets in the way when Isabelle goes to shoot her Huskeroos commercial. Isabelle talks to Doug about something she doesn't want her mother to know about. Nancy has a surprise for the men in her life.moreless

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  • Trouble in Little Armenia, or What No Raid?: A Growhouse Gang Chronicle

    Celia tries to insult Isabelle and take command of her career as it is their family's only source of income at the moment. Conrad and Nancy discover the fallout of the raid on the neighborhood as Sanjay and Andy have tried to flush the clones down the toilet and preserve the mother plant with urination. Isabelle then goes to Doug to set up a trust for her modeling money so that her mom can't touch it. Andy gets Yael to have her way with him after a cheerful night of dancing and literally takes one for the team. Shane joins the debate team to get closer to a girl who we don't know who's name is but he likes so it's cool. Silas refuses to leave his room and Conrad finds out that Nancy is behind the Armenian bust and is married DEA man and he alienates himself from her.moreless
  • Conrad is becoming suspicious. Nancy has to come clean or lose a good business partner. Isabelle acts far beyond her years in making decisions that are involved in her careeer, is well written and an absolute peach to watch.moreless

    The Nancy - Conrad relationship is taing a worse for wear, Conrad is very suspicious of how all the Armenian grow house were hit by DEA but there's wasn't a sniff at their grow house. So Nancy admits she is married to Peter the DEA agent and then sets up a meeting so that those two can meet over coffee.

    This was very well written and acted out by the stars, yet another prime example of why Weeds is a most awesome series.

    Nancy buys Silas a car, so that he can make his own way around the place, but also as a cheer up for the break up and abortion issues with Megan, she'd not be in such a giving mood if she knew the absolute truth. I think she could still use some influence and maybe get him drafted in a military school, somewhere far away up north so he can't drive back at the weekends.

    Andy gets revenge thrown his way in the form of his Torah love interest as she straps on to teach him some new moves, ones that he just wasnt expecting. LOL - it just could not happen to a better character, well okay it would have been funnier if it had happened to Silas.

    But the best part of this episode was definately Isabelle, going to Doug and getting him to draw up papers as her cpa, but also papers for her dad to be her manager. She does this all behind her mother's back - truelly awesome.moreless
  • Nancy arranges for the two men in her life to meet

    I thought this was a well-written episode.

    The Nancy - Conrad relationship clearly suffers now that he knows she's married to Peter and I can certainly understand how Conrad must think that she's crazy and endangers their entire operation. I thought the meeting between the two 'partners' was well written and well acted by both actors.

    I loved the Isabelle and Celia storyline. Isabelle going to see Doug behind Celia's back was brilliant and hiring her dad as her manager was a great idea.

    Nancy still doesn't really know about Silas and his actions. Buying him a car may makes sense because she only knows that his girlfriend dumped him and that her parents forced her to have an abortion. Nancy doesn't know that Megan only became pregnant because of Silas' despicable action. I hate the current Silas.

    I thought love-sick Shane was fun and I'm sure there will be more to this storyline...moreless
  • Not much happened but what I saw had better writing, finally!

    OK so this was a slow paced episode but the writer had me and I really enjoyed it. THis a step up from last week and they have another week to wow me, because seriously I was going to change the channel very soon.

    Nancy: Poor little Nancy. SHe is doing more harm than good but she doesnt want to believe it. Sure she used her husband to get rid of the competition but she never realized how it would affect her partner. I am really pulling for Conrad, he knows the deal and how this business can screw someone over. Nancy has got it way too easy and I think she is going to have to choose because COnrad did not want to meet the guy and the tension in that scene was just flying all around. Nancy was crazy to bring them together. I dont understand why Peter was all tough and mighty in that scene. Seriously he needs to lighten up, I was not liking his attitude. I thought COnrad was going to punch him because his attitude just made you want to punch him.

    Andy: WHat just happened here?lol. So he finally gets with the girl but she is not all she is cracked up to be. THat sex scene was hilarious. I knew what was going to be in the box. THat thing was huge and ANdy was like crapping in his pants. Hilarious scene.

    Silus: Oh SIlus you make me want to change the channel everytime I see that smug face of yours. Well the writers havent approved his storyline yet and I doubt they will regain any liking I had for him anytime soon, probably never. ANyway atleast he was on the screen for about 6 minutes all together. SO the guy sleeps with the town sl**, gets her pregnant and acts like a cocky bast*** who thinks he owns the house in every episode deserves a car? Yeah that makes sense Nancy. I was really screaming during that car scene. SIlus is milking sympathy to get a car, that is so mature. ANd he is also on that "Nancy" thing, its MOM Silus. I was so happy when she didnt get him the BMW because if she did I might have broken my t.v..

    Isabelle: I loved your storyline. BAckstabbing,hilarity and everything in between. SO she got a modeling job and apparently is get paid big bucks. SHe opens an account behind her mothers back and gives money to her father. THat is just funny. Isabelle I hope the writers leave you alone and never change my opinion of you because you are the best.

    Yeah the election is next week, go Celia. OMG if Nancy lets Silus into the business that might just warrant a flip of the channel. THat means more screen time for the snore that is Silus. Please say no Nancy. ALso I wonder what else Nancy is going to do to make Conrad mad at her.moreless
  • This episode was a humorous episode, but not much happened as far as the business goes. Peter and Conrad meet for the first time, Celia's daughter (Isabelle) lands an acting/modeling gig, and Andy finally gets intimate with the Rabbi school chick.moreless

    The episode opens with Nancy trying to coax Silas out of his room to talk. Silas is still deeply depressed about Megan having an abortion of THEIR child without Silas knowing. Throughout the episode Nancy continues to reach her son, and is only successful when she agrees to buy him a car. After the DEA raids in last week's episode, Conrad and Nancy try to estimate the damage caused by Andy and SanJay in their panic rampage to "hide" the plants. Conrad becomes very suspicious of the "luck" (Conrad doesn't believe in luck) they had by escaping the DEA. Being a smart individual, Conrad quickly makes the connection of the recent events and to Nancy's "ex-lover" the DEA agent. Nancy successfully tries to make Conrad feel comfortable with the situation, by tricking both him and Peter into a lunch meeting. All ended well, but not without a stare down between the two; which was ended by "Happy Birthday" being sung at a near by table. Shane joins the debate team at school in order to get closer to his crush. He musters up enough courage to walk up to her, but when he sees his friends watching him, he decides to kick her in the shin instead of talking to her.

    Isabelle lands a modeling and acting gig with "Huskeroos", which is a clothing line for "heavy" children. Not wanting to let her mom have any of her money, she seeks the financial advising of Doug and names her father as the signee. Celia finds this information out when Dean (her husband) is delicately cleaning his new Harley Davidson Soft Tail. Celia tries to blackmail Doug into putting her name on her daughters account, by threatening to plaster pictures of Doug taking a bong hit around town. Needless to say her attempt failed due to Dougs' confidence and slyness.

    After many attempts, Andy finally finds himself in the bedroom with his lady friend at Rabbi school. Unfortunately for Andy, he also finds himself at the end of a BIG BLACK D*LDO.moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • The YouTube clip is obviously added to the computer screen since the time marker does not move during playback.

    • Andy is wearing a shirt that says "Getting Chai" (the "Chai" is in Hebrew). Obviously a joke combining "Getting High" with his newly reformed self ("Chai" as a reference to Judaism).

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Silas: Mom, what you do and all, I'm cool with it.

    • Nancy: (to Shane) Go to your mediocre public school.

    • Dean: What are you doing here?
      Celia: Well this is now our only source of income. So I'm protecting our assets.

    • Andy: I have to fuck you.
      Yael: (laughs) Will you stop? I told you, you don't have the qualities I look for in a man.
      Andy: Now what exactly are those qualities? 'Cause I can get them. I know a guy who... knows a guy.
      Yael: I like big men. You have none of the physical qualities I look for in a male lover.
      Andy: (sighs)
      Yael: But you do have soft skin, and sad eyes, and those are things I find very attractive, (whispers) when I sleep with women.

    • Andy: That's big.
      Yael: I know.
      Andy: That's really big.
      Yael: It'll fit.
      Andy: Does it have to be black?
      Yael: Stop being a pussy.
      Andy: I thought that was the whole idea.
      Yael: Don't forget to breathe.

    • (Nancy is banging on a pot and singing into a microphone horribly)
      Shane: Stop, you have to stop.
      Andy: Yeah yeah stop.
      Nancy: Not until Silas comes out, this is my invasion of Panama.
      Shane: Like when we got the canal?
      Andy: No, what do they teach you in school?
      Shane: How to pass the weekly standardized tests to get the school more funding.

    • Celia: Why is it that all you gay men hate women sooo much?
      Director: Because we have mothers like you.

    • Conrad: Did you piss on my plant?
      Andy: No I did not piss on your plant. I watered it...with my urine.

  • NOTES (3)


    • When Dean says "Kill all the lawyers", he is referring to anarchist Dick the Butcher's line from Shakespeare's Henry VI - "The first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers." (Act IV, Scene II).

    • Celia: God, how did I get here? What have I done? This is not my life.
      Dean: Same as it ever was.

      These lines are all taken from the Talking Heads song, "Once in a lifetime."