Season 1 Episode 6

Dead in the Nethers

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Sep 12, 2005 on Showtime
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Nancy attempts to play around in an effort to relieve some stress. Nancy, Celia, and Conrad go out to a club where Celia and Conrad "snuggle up." Meanwhile Andy meets a woman who he lies to like he would anyone else and Lupita starts investigating so that she can gain the upper hand in her employee/employer relationship.moreless

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  • Dead in the Nethers

    The Good:

    -"I'm killing Nazis." "How brave. Don't hurt your thumbs."

    -"I was young, it was fourth of July..."

    -Silas gets to hear Megan's voice.

    The Bad:

    -What happened to the vibrator Nancy got from Andy?
  • "Are You Watching Incredihoes?"

    Nancy in an effort to start up her bakery gets Conrad to come down and he gives her some advice on how to set up her new business venture. Doug pays a visit looking for Nancy and finds Andy at home and it is quite hilarious that he instantly knows what porno is playing in the background. Celia meets Conrad and in a last ditch effort on the eve of having her breasts removed she decides to have sex with him. Nancy meanwhile meets a "businessman" while at the club and Lupita finds Nancy's home stash of hash and bribes her for more money to increase her status.moreless
  • Kids do the darndest things...

    I watched this episode with a cross between shock and amusement when little Shane was playing terrorist. Just where do these children get their ideas from, Shane is just trying to get attention and grieve for his father.

    Nancy's feelings in this episode of being alone and missing her husband are played out better than in most television programmes hitting upon the loss physically as well as emotionally.

    Celia in this episode was not very sensitive to Nancy, wrapped up in her own problems whilst Conrad continued to be a somewhat supporting influence.

    I can't believe that the woman Andy met has not rumbled him and his lying ways yet, but maybe for now she's leading him on.

    Silas seemed to learn his lesson from last week and admitted he was wrong which is a good thing.

    Good episode.moreless
  • Initially appearing to be little more than Housewives clone, Weeds is going from strength to strength. Despite what you see at first glance, this isn't a clone. It's its own baby... and a damned beautiful one at that.moreless

    This episode has it all. The humour, the character development, the sad moments, the plot. If Weeds wasn't already considered the best new show, it will be now.

    Weeds isn't about monsters, murders and plane crashes. It doesn't need to be. Despite focusing heavily on being social commentry, Weeds manages to keep the viewer entertained.

    While this may sound odd considering her occupation, Nancy is a sweet character and it shows. We're not spammed with her sweetness a la Housewives, we're just... shown it. In other words, she's a well written character.

    If you're reading the reviews, debating if you should check out Weeds, seriously do it. You won't regret it. The writing and acting are all top notch.moreless
  • We venture in the questions that further explore the deeper issues regarding grief, how it affects each person differently. Then there is also just the issue of continuing regardless of what life throws at you.moreless

    Nancy is missing her husband in the physical and the emotional side of things, so with the aid of the old home movie cam and her battery boyfriend she tries to get some closeness, but fails. Later there are a few satisfaction/battery related comments, that are purely innocent but make Nancy uncomfortable.

    Nancy and Celia, together with Conrad go out to a club, where Nancy gets talking to an obviously well connected and important person, as they are in the VIP area and him and his posse entered through the back of the premises. On leaving, Nancy sees the car rocking and recognises that Celia and Conrad are busy. Which made me feel a bit disappointed as I thought that Conrad was just going to wait for the time when Nancy wanted him.

    Shanes' grief has him doing weird things around the school, but also him making scarey terrorist type video, but his counsellor/ shrink believes that its just a reaction to grief.

    Silas apologises to Megan, they make up and then they make out, then they decide to do a little weed, only to get busted by Uncle Andy, who does not do the responcible uncle thing, but his reaction does make for a more comical and better approach to the subject.moreless
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Yvonne DeLarosa


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Brooke Langton


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Jeffrey Dean Morgan

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Andy Milder

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Shane asks Nancy for batteries (which she has exhausted) for his Nintendo DS. The DS does not use alkaline batteries, as it uses a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

  • QUOTES (16)

    • Nancy: I am the suburban baroness of bud.

    • Celia: Who's the hottie?
      Nancy: My carpenter, Conrad. Conrad, this is Celia.
      Celia: Hello, carpenter. Do you want to see something?
      (Celia begins to lower her shirt revealing her tattoo)
      Nancy: Celia, you have to stop flashing your boobs to the world.
      Conrad: Oh, speak when spoken to!

    • (In Spanish)
      Serena: He says your Mrs. sells weed.
      Lupita: Your cousin is crazy.
      Serena: How does she pay for all this?
      Lupita: Simple, she's a skinny white lady in America.

    • Celia: Is it true what they say, that once a white woman's been with a carpenter, she never goes back?
      Conrad: Baby, when I nail something, it stays nailed.

    • Girl: What are we playing?
      Shane: Terrorist.
      Girl: I'm hungry.
      Shane: You can eat once your oppressionist government releases our prisoners.
      Girl: Do you guys have fruit rollups?
      Shane: Silence! You American dogs have 24 hours to comply and leave our country, or else.
      Girl: You are seriously twisted, Strange Botwin.
      Shane: Don't say my name, infidel!

    • Conrad: Why the hell would you bring it home?
      Nancy: 'Cause that's where I keep it.
      Conrad: You only bring home the weed that you know you gonna be moving really quick, right? Oh! You lucky you got them pretty eyes and that sweet badunkadunk.
      Nancy: What?
      Conrad: The booty's nice.
      Nancy: Thank you.
      (Later that night)
      Tusk: You got a nice badunkadunk.
      Nancy: Ever happened to you: You live your whole life without hearing an expression and then you hear it twice in one day?

    • (In Spanish)
      Serena: Why does she see Mr. Doug so often? And why does Mr. Doug always smoke weed after?
      Lupita: Maybe she's fucking Mr. Doug.
      Serena: Nobody fucks Mr. Doug.
      Lupita: What a loser.

    • Andy: So now you're selling weed and turning tricks.
      Nancy: Girl's gotta support two kids and a brother-in-law.
      Andy: Not after we turn that bakery into a gold mine.
      Nancy: Just like the Jesus t-shirts and the ostrich farm, huh?
      Andy: Yeah, you're right. Much better to be a pot dealer.

    • Silas: (Signs "I love you")
      Megan: You fucking better.

    • Shane: What are you looking for? Are you stealing from us?
      Lupita: (Sarcastically) Yes. My family needs this menorah.
      Shane: Mom said you once stole one of her rings.
      Lupita: What?!
      Shane: But then she found it.

    • Andy: If Marijuana Anonymous teaches us anything, smoking dope might be a lot of fun right now; soon you're gonna learn it teaches you to live in a privately defined world, a world that gets smaller and smaller as you box yourself in and narrow your options until you're left with absolutely nothing.
      (Takes a hit of marijuana)

    • Andy: Is this what you wanna be? A couple of fucking teenage burnouts? Oh! I'm 16! I have zits! Life's so tough! Oh! I'm deaf! I can't hear! Life's so unfair!

    • Lupita: (Hands Nancy the pillowcase she found containing marijuana) I want a raise.

    • Nancy: You just called me a dealer.
      Doug: You are a dealer.
      Nancy: Shhh... we're in my house. I'm not a dealer. I'm a mother.. who happens to distribute illegal products through a sham bakery set up by my ethically questionable CPA and his crooked lawyer friend.

    • Nancy: What am I doing?
      Tusk: You're doing what all of us are doing. You're getting by.

    • Celia: I have cancer and jungle fever and tonight one of them is going to get cured.

  • NOTES (3)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Germany: May 9, 2007 on ProSieben

    • Crew not listed because of various problems with submission form:
      Assistant Producer: Lisa I. Vinnecour
      Construction Coordinator: Mark Powell
      Location Manager: Paul Boydston
      A Camera Operator: Gregory Bubb
      B Camera Operator: Ron Egozi
      Chief Lighting Technician: David Lee
      Digital Imaging Technician: Ryan Sheridan
      Costume Supervisor: Michael Chapman
      Production Accountant: Ladonna Conard
      Transportation Coordinator: Joel Renfro
      Special Effects Coordinator: Wayne Rose
      Assistant Editor: Karen Casteñeda
      Music Supervisor: Christopher Noxon
      Executive Music Producer: Ralph Sall
      Sound Supervisor: John Kincade
      Final Colorist: Pamela Moreau

    • Music Featured In The Episode:
      "Littlest Bird" by The Be Good Tanyas
      "Who Knows" by Marion Black
      "Now or Never" by Jack Drag
      "Ballerina" by Leona Naess
      "Air" by Ephemera
      "Just Another Day" by Marion Black