Season 6 Episode 10


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Oct 25, 2010 on Showtime
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Nancy goes back to her hometown where she hopes to make enough money to emigrate. Meanwhile, Andy and Doug are assigned to get them fake passports and Silas and Shane look into their mother's past.

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    Nancy returned home in this episode and it was really not one of the season's better installments.

    As much as I dislike Nancy's kids on this show, I am glad that they are finally giving them something to do here as they need something other than trying and failing to make a few wisecracks during every broadcast. I hope that this person is not Silas' father as that would just create some unnecessary drama

    But the teacher that liked Nancy was just creepy and the new drink being created? That was just weird.

    Very mediocre episode of Showtime's top comedy series here tonight.moreless
  • "DNA my half brother": A Newman Pitstop

    As Nancy and the gang return to her grownup place of Dearborn she tries to move her hash to a bar owner who says that hash is out so she tries a little formula experimenting. Shane and Silas look into one of Nancy's ex boyfriends who may be Silas's father as they happened to swipe a hairbrush from him just in case. Andy and Doug get rid of the Jesus mobile for a car that a family lived in and they all stay with Nancy's old high school math teacher. Good installment overall and that twist at the end of the episode was something I didn't see coming. It looks like there's going to be some major conflict as they stay in Dearborn for now. I'm interested to see where the writers will go with this now that they've finally been caught up with. But now we're ticking down the season so it's only fair not to make any assumptions too soon.moreless
  • And finally, this season sort of starts to make sense!

    This is the kind of episode I've been waiting for for awhile. Nancy and the family finally arrive in Dearborn, Nancy's old home-town, to work on selling hash in order to make enough money to flee the country to Copenhagen, and along the way, we learn a lot about Nancy's past that we didn't know before and we're also given the possibility that Silas has a different dad than Shane. This is something that has been hinted at and questioned throughout the show (just a few episodes ago, the women that Shane was hanging out with said they didn't even look alike, so they couldn't be brothers). All in all, there was enough forward momentum and hilarious moments to make the episode worthwhile.

    I'm not enjoying this FBI plot. It's nearly as contrived as the Mexico plot (not quite, but it's getting there) and the plot developments regarding the FBI just seems strange. It was a clever move by the FBI to use a man from Nancy's past that isn't in a yearbook or anything, but overall, it just seems crazy. Nancy's life has gone from somewhat believable to insane. I'm interested to see what happens, but my heart yearns for the easier days.

    However, Doug was funny again, and I really like this idea of Andy's involving the "new drug" that combines grain alcohol, hash, Ritalin and other various things. Instead of selling weed, it appears they're turning to this new alcohol to make cash. Between that and the plot of Silas looking into the man named Lars who may or may not be his real father, I'm hooked right now.moreless
  • Dearborn-Again

    Dearborn-Again was a great episode of Weeds. This episode was very entertaining and exciting to watch unfold. There was lots of hilarious moments and some serious suggestions in this episode. There were plot twists, and new questions raised. I thought it was interesting to have Nancy's past come back to haunt her, while Shane and Silas meet some one from their mother's past. Andy begins to brew up a new drug for the clubs in the area, which were not keen on slinging hash. There were a lot of little moments that really make the episode great, and that in itself is what makes the series as a whole so wonderful. I look forward to finding out what happens next!!!moreless
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