Season 7 Episode 13

Do Her / Don't Do Her

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Sep 26, 2011 on Showtime

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  • Do her/Don't do her; Family had family come together, she had her son back, she had fought of all her drug-competition; and now this.


    The season finale of Weeds was in my oppinion brilliant. Jenji Kohan really knows how to make us want more, and wow the finale really did that. Here we all are just concentrating on where he show might be headed, and it has awfully many ways to continue (if it even does so, at all.)

    During the episode, Nancy had to show her ass to strangers, she had to have a huge teddybear stuffed with drugs on a subway and eventually she even had to take one to the head.

    If the show comes back, they're gonna need one hell of a explanation to why she didn't die. I don't know the show is gonna continue without her. So either it's gonna be that the shooter somehow, magically missed her head, in the open; without disturbance. Or that the shooter simply got shot. They can also try to make this into something fun: Where was Scott, Jill's husband. Maybe it was just a trick to get Nancy out there, so they could take her out, act surprised and get Stevie forever, a little farfetched but with this show; You just don't know anymore.

    I'll be glued to my seat when the eight season starts, and I'll be hoping to see more of Mary-Louse Parker, since the show won't look like itself without her.

  • Compromise or Destruction: A Nancy Botwin Season Finale/Series Finale? (Spoilers Ahead)


    Nancy's sister Jill shows up and says that she wants to retain custody of Stevie by having Nancy sign the papers. Nancy refuses while trying to get the MILF stash back from Demetri. Haylia and a new associate named Pierre hold the two at gunpoint to prove that they must provide the product or else while Dean sits in the hospital. Silas regrets what he did with unleashing Jill upon Nancy and seeting atonement goes to a funeral for Andy's poly-amorous dead cancer friend from his fling earlier this season. Nancy has to navigate past three of Demetri's cohorts when it turns out he's been jailed for something and she has to do something truly degrading in order to get it back. Shane faces his cop mentor when he is confronted about how clever he is for having put his son in his way in order to block his view of Shane's true plans to protect Nancy and he has to make a fatal decision to keep her out of prison. Doug and his CEO friend face heavy consequences with their hedge fund when one of their investors reveals how shady and unreliable they are and have to reach out to a newspaper to cover it up. Nancy and the gang move to suburbs of Connecticut in a flash-forward to two months later where Silas has his own grow house now in property purchased by Doug. Jill and her daughters and Stevie and Nancy, Doug, Andy, Silas, and Shane all share the same house with help from Doug's named "fund" which means that other guy must've been the one to take the fall in the end and Doug may have gotten away scott free. But just when you think all is well a sniper scope glances over Nancy and a gunshot is heard, end credits. Yep, that's it. I know Weeds likes its cliffhanger ending but without a surefire season after this one there's no way to tell who did it. Especially when they are in prime real estate for more pot dealing in this new suburb which can take it to be a new Agrestic in Season 8. Hopefully this isn't the end but if it is know that Nancy dies in the end of the series, if need call it, there are worse ways and to not avoid the pun to go out with a bang of sorts.

  • Do Her / Don't Do Her


    Do Her / Don't Do Her was a superb episode of Weeds and I really enjoyed watching this season seven finale. There was a lot of character development as Nancy tried to right the wrongs done against Heylia and Dean along with her sister Jill. There were many laughs, some touching moments, and understanding. The ending of this episode was ironic and beautiful for this series. I hope that it was not a series finale, but if so I suppose I would be satisfied for the most part. I certainly hope for and look forward to another season of Weeds!!!!!!!!!

  • 713


    All My Children ended its run of 41 years on Friday with a gun shot and an unknown target. Weeds did the same tonight in what could end its 7 year run on the air. I hope there is another season, but this was certainly a good season finale and I am fine with it if it is the series finale.

    There was just enough of comedy in there combined with a nice bonding moment at the end with the whole family. Nothing was too memorable, but it wrapped all of this season's storylines and concluded with a cliffhanger. That's all you can ask for.

  • Could this be the last episode ever?


    I was speechless at the end. Now let's round up the rest.

    Nancy spends some quality time with her sister and in the end they get an understanding. The two sons are happy in the end, doing what they want to do with their lives for the time being.

    Now the ending, made me want to throw my computer out the window. I am going to ruin the ending,so read the next sentence if you want the episode to be trashed for you. Nancy dies. She dies and I don't care at all who did it. For the beginning of this season up until the last 5 minutes of this episode I hated her. Now I am sad she is gone. r.i.p. nancy :(